New coat bliss

My boyfriend found another great website that features all sorts of fun, vintage advertisements. I never get tired of flicking through them. Perfume ads are a big favourite of mine.

Parfums d'Orsay

Another long time favourite little thing is of course vintage labels. has a fantastic selection of luggage labels.

Oh, I made a lovely purchase yesterday. I was walking down the street on my way to work, thinking that my coat is way too warm for this nice spring weather and how I really need a new coat soon. Just about five minutes later I saw a beautiful piece of clothing in the window of this very cool shop Beamhill. The coat is from a danish label, Bruuns Bazaar and just now I found it on their website, here it is…

It’s not a very good picture (the colours look a bit lame here) but I’m so in love with this coat that I just had to post about it. The minute I put it on I knew that I had to have it! (This doesn’t happen very often, usually I think very carefully before I buy any clothes.) As I’m considerably shorter than this scary-looking model, the coat’s length is a little below the knee on me. It’s perfect with floaty skirts that I love to wear now that the weather’s warm enough. And it’s so refreshing after the dark winter months with nothing to wear except jeans, black boots and black polonecks. Welcome, fresh colours, light fabrics and higher heels!

Danish fashion labels have been very popular in Finland over the last few years. Bruuns Bazaar, Noa Noa, Day, Saint Tropez, Pilgrim and Dyrberg/Kern to name but a few. They are all very nice but if I had the power to bring one shop to Finland (or at least somewhere in Europe), it would no doubt be Anthropologie. I visited their stores in New York possibly five times in ten days, and now I regularly torture myself by going to their website. It’s a damn shame that although they have an on-line shop, they don’t ship internationally.

And before I shut up, I must mention that Ana Margarida makes fantastically pretty jewelry like in the picture above. Grande inspiracao!

2 thoughts on “New coat bliss

  1. jes says:

    HOW COOL is that coat!?? FABULOUS I tell you….FABULOUS!

  2. Oh my gosh – I love that coat! I have one kind of like this but not as cute. Thank you for the fab links as well.
    Also – I totally agree – Anthropologie is so amazing. I bought a pair of absolutely stunning curtains from them awhile back. Each one came in a embroidered velvet pillow sized case that closed with wood buttons. I mean amazing. . .
    We need to be independently wealthy. . .

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