Work and play

I’ll start this blog entry with a lovely picture. This heart-breakingly beautiful image is the work of Misty Mawn, an artist I completely fell in love with after finding her via Sweetpea Jes.


I’m beat. Nine days of work in a row. Then two days of studying. (Sunday will be my first day off for almost two weeks!) When I would much rather do aaaaaanything but those. Like doing a huge spring cleaning around the flat, starting with windows. Or just wandering around the seaside, then stopping for a café au lait and writing in my journal or thinking about jewellery designs. I received my order from Fire Mountain Gems more than a week ago but I haven’t had the chance to finish anything except my friend’s earrings. Oh, I’m sooo tired and at the same time really impatient to sit down and be able to really throw myself into at least a little creative work!

In the meantime, despite the long working hours some lovely things have happened this week. On Wednesday we had our traditional anniversary dinner with Pasi in our favourite restaurant, which was of course wonderful. I also received a beautiful gift from him: another addition to my Mika Waltari collection. It’s a rare first edition copy of the detective story “Kuka murhasi Rouva Skrofin? (Who murdered Mrs Skrof?)” from 1939 and in excellent condition. Here’s a picture of the great cover with a view over the rooftops of Helsinki. Our home is actually only one block away from the Helsinki Cathedral, the round tower that you can see behind the murderer’s head…

Kuka muhasi rouva Skrofin?

And yesterday evening we went to a fantastic concert to see cool finnish jazz band The Five Corners Quintet and soul-funk legend Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. I loved both performances and especially Sharon Jones amazed me with her incredible voice and charisma. She really was a true soul sister!

Concert poster via Lifesaver.

And lastly, speaking of jewellery, how cool is this brooch by Tatty Devine?! I love it! Also available in chic red at the SOMA gallery.

Tatty Devine brooch

2 thoughts on “Work and play

  1. That brooch is so cute!! Enjoyed reading about your lovely anniversary and concerts! I still have that fabulous picture of Pasi with the robot bottle cap! That was such an awesome email! I had to keep it. I hope things slow down so you have some time for your art! xo.

  2. jes says:

    Misty’s work is just so is hard to find original on the net these days! I love to collage, but always feel like it’s being done to death (and that mine looks too much like everyone elses)….but there are still some girls who have their own style! (like my good friend Hope…also a style all of her own!)

    I am lovin’ the gift you got for your anniversary…so sweet he is…and so in tune with you!

    I order from Fire Mountain too, I love them! I just picked up 2 jewelry mags to hunt for more sources…..will let you know if I come across anything different.

    Have a fab week!

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