Vintage postcards part 1

I don’t have a big collection of vintage postcards. I don’t even actually collect them but every once in a while I see something that I simply must have. When there’s something about a certain image that touches me on a deeper level. Many times I don’t even know what that certain something is, what makes one picture more beautiful and appealing than the other.

In my neighborhood there’s a vintage bookstore that’s also an art gallery, called Laterna Magica. I’ve made a couple of great book-finds there but this postcard is something that I truly treasure.


It was dated in my little hometown of Joensuu on July 18th, 1904. More than a hundred years ago and almost exactly 70 years before I was born in June 1974. There’s no address on the backside of the card, just the name of the recipient, a Mrs Adele Koch and the town, Savonlinna. (That’s how you can imagine the size of these towns in those days!) The stamp is in russian, as Finland was sadly still under russian rule at the time

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I think it’s charming the way people used to write the actual message on the picture-side of the card. The longer text reads: “Many thanks for everything. Very many greetings to you all. Best wishes?“. (I can’t make out the name!) The text on the right reads: “Thank You to Miss Aino for the flowers, Anna” (again I’m not sure about the name). So there’s nothing in particular there. Still I can’t stop thinking about who the sender might have been. Someone who was living in my hometown a hundred years ago. And I love this picture! I wonder why the sender chose this card. Did the woman remind her of someone or did she simply like the look of her? Was she herself a lady of an upper class of perhaps a poor girl who dreamed of being able to dress like this some day? The expression on her face actually reminds me of the late Lady Diana somehow. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Vintage postcards part 1

  1. your postcards are wonderful, the expressions are priceless!

  2. Oh so true. . .I love imagining the history of these people we come across. It just does not seem like our modern relics hold as much magic. Although anything is possible. . .someday people will be selling collages made of old pictures and bits of us on eBay?

  3. Linda says:

    This is an awesome photo and the funny thing is that my married name is Koch!!!!! how weird is that!!!! love these old postcards I have a lot from France but not of people but of scenery!! they are fun too though and from the 20’s!!! thanks for sharing all of these!!
    hugs Linda
    who’s happy she found you!!!!

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