Nymphs in the park

I made a Google picture search for the word “nymphs” recently and came across this delightful image. It led me to a most wonderful Flickr set of old Hollywood photos. I just had to share.


I hope all you fabulous bloggers out there are having as swell of a time as these lovely ladies here! And I hope that next time I’ll have some new jewellery to show. That would make me feel like dancing in the park!

6 thoughts on “Nymphs in the park

  1. Wow – how fantastic is this!? I love it – god the lighting is insane! Beautiful can you even imaging coming across this . . .awesome.

  2. kathleen says:

    midsumers night dream?!
    It’s beautiful… such a captivating photo.

  3. jes says:

    I just love this photo!! So dreamy and ethereal!

    Contest over at my place…..

  4. gracia says:

    I’ll have to check out that link… thanks!
    cheers, gracia

  5. That photograph is from my flickr account. I appreciate that you like it, and I also appreciate that it links back to my site, but I really wish you had asked my permission first. My grandfather shot that photo. He worked as a “still photographer” for the studios between 1909 and 1945.

    The reason I’m a bit touchy is that I just caught someone yesterday who posted another photo of mine without attribution or a link back, just as if it was his property. I thought the warning that they were copyrighted would prompt most people to check with the owner first, and I have granted the use to most people who have asked.

    Again, I wish you’d asked first.


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