These are the surroundings in which I spent last weekend. Here is where I grew up and where my roots run deep. The view is from our sauna towards the river.

This weekend away, charging my batteries was essential in order for me to to stay sane until my summer holiday starts in three weeks’ time. Counting the days, counting the days… Here’s another view from the same spot. I just can’t get enough of these wild lupins! They had spread this year like never before.

Lupiinit rantametsässä

This skirt was a bargain at Indiska‘s sale. Indian cotton must be one of the greatest things in existence, so breathable and light and lovely it is.

Hame lupiinimeressä

By the way, Jes has opened her online store Junque Revival (with an opening contest too, so be sure to check it out!) and it is of course a fantabulous place. Just look at these beauties the girl creates with her bare hands!

4 thoughts on “Midsummer

  1. shari says:

    hello! i love the photos. my favorite is of the lupins and the skirt. beautiful! cheers, shari

  2. jes says:

    These pictures are so majical…a place I would want to go to and NEVER come out of!! AND i LOVE that skirt! It matches the lupines…heehee…

    I was so surprised to see a picture of my jewelry!! OH YOU ARE A SWEETIE!! Thanks for the mention!! xoxox

  3. kathleen says:

    What a gorgeous post, and I’m so smitten with your skirt! I just love textiles from India, such great patterns and color!

  4. That skirt is wonderful and I love the pendant by Jes! Stunning!!

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