Shimmy Werner

It’s inspiring to me to pair up my jewellery creations with some lovely vintage images. Here’s what I found from my own small sheet music collection. This one is from 1922.

Shimmy Werner

I really like the decadent red mixed with the pureness of white and green. In this bracelet and earrings I teamed chinese porcelain beads up with snow quartz and green glass beads.

Kiinalainen kissa (Chinese cat) bracelet

Kiinalainen kissa (Chinese cat) earrings
More new summer jewellery on Flickr.

8 thoughts on “Shimmy Werner

  1. jes says:

    I just love this….so inspiring you are!

  2. Oh Lea – when are you going to open a shop?!!! I love them both – so much! That minty green and bold red – YUM!!

  3. Majeak Ann says:

    you have a real stunning collection of jewerly…i’m in love.
    i’ll definitely come back to see more. i found you through flickr, so, i’ll see you in both places. 🙂

    saludos! :*
    -Marjorie Ann

  4. Romina says:

    Hi Lea !!!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog or i wouldn’t have found you !!! so far i love your jewelry and i’m really looking forward to know you better 🙂 i’m off to check out your flickr and the rest of your blog

    nice to meet you!!

  5. You all can’t believe how happy your beautiful comments make me! Coming from such amazing creative talents as yourselves, it’s really special. Thank you so much!

  6. Hello there! Clever you!

  7. jes says:

    Hi cutie…YES i did get your email…and you were the one in particular that i was saying on my blog that i owe an email too…but i want to write you a BIG FAT letter, as i have LOTS to say!!


  8. Romina says:

    Hi! what are you doing??? post something girl, we miss you 🙂
    hope all is well….

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