La vie urbaine


So, the beautiful and inspirational summer holidays are over. No more relaxing country living, it’s time to bring out the city girl again and start behaving like one. I’m such a Gemini, I’ll never figure out which of the two I am, country or city? Just have to have them both somehow and I’m happy to be able to do that.

Cecil Beaton
I think I adore Cecil Beaton above all photographers of all time.

I started work on Tuesday and it kinda felt like my life was about to end there and then. (I’m very emotional and might have a bit of a tendency for a tad of drama and my job is quite a bore, you see, but I don’t want to get into that. My boyfriend says I’m like a character from a comic strip.) After a couple of days the worst shivers are gone and I’m back into the routine of things. And my work pals are great gals. 🙂

Tomorrow I shall get onto my to-do list, on top of which is taking photographs of some new jewellery. This time I’ll try to do it myself, as the previous pictures, although “styled” by me, are taken by my Pasi. I feel like a bit of a cheat, putting them on my Flickr. But he’s the one with Canon EOS!

Kodak vintage

Now I shall dream of world travel for a bit. I miss New York and Prague. I’ll leave you with a fab link to pictures of women with cameras.

8 thoughts on “La vie urbaine

  1. mags says:

    Hi! I DO visit your site every now and then
    and, I DO like what I see ;-))
    We seem to share interest in these ‘ancient’ cards
    and you also have some veeery interesting links,
    i.g. Junque Revival is fantastic!
    See You!

  2. Your images are gathered with care, they are lovely and I admire them.

  3. kathleen says:

    I think that’s wonderful that Pasi helps out with the photographs…. it’s always great to have another pair of eyes! You always post the most fabulous collection of vintage images, I love them!

  4. Romina says:

    Glad you’re back friend!
    i love the way you write and yes, it’s awful to start all over again after holidays, i know… i’m curious about your new jewelry… i’ll make sure to check out that link you gave us…. i love your world!!!!

    have a happy week 🙂

  5. jes says:

    Oh…I just love all of your vintage finds!

    I think I could happily be both at once too! I CRAVE the city, and can’t wait to go to NYC in October! But I do love my country home, fields, woods and flowers.

    I owe you a big fat letter…..I know!! I will explain myself soon…have been busy, and sitting at the computer is a bit uncomfortable for me right now! I am happy to have your snail mail addy though!

    Chat soon! OH…can’t wait to tsee the new jewels!! I’m sure they will be FABULOUS! xoxox~Jes

  6. violet says:

    Halusin vain kertoa että sinulla on
    1. kauniita valokuvia
    2. kauniita koruja
    3. hyvin samantapainen maku kuin minulla mitä tulee noihin vanhoihin kuviin, kirjoihin…Kaunis blogi ja hyviä linkkejä!

  7. You crack me up! I am so with you the “real” world is such a shock when you have been out of it for awhile. Lovely images and your Pasi is a doll! Xo

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