Fatal attraction? Or vintage postcards part 3

I’ve been a bad blogger these past few weeks. I’ve been crazy busy and tired but am slowly working on some new jewellery that I hope to be able to show soon. In the meantime I’ll tell you another story and I hope not to bore you to tears.

Earlier this year I’ve blogged about my few but tresured vintage postcards. Almost all of them are from “Borgå Antik”, a charming store in old Porvoo, held by an adorable old lady. She has hundreds of cards there but I only choose the ones I kind of fall in love with. (And I’ve always meant to say that if you happen to want to use these images in your artwork or whatever, that’s just fine by me. If you click on the image, you’ll see the full sized photo as they’ve originally been scanned in quite a large size.)

Barbara La Marr

Barbara La Marr looking etheral with her gorgeous accessories. She’s quoted for saying: “I like my men like I like my roses… by the dozen.”

Barbara La Marr must have been quite a character. She was living an extravagant life already before she became famous, getting arrested in her teens for working as a burlesque dancer in Los Angeles. The judge is said to have told her that she was “too beautiful to be alone in a big city”. Later on she became a success in Hollywood and ended up making almost 30 films in the 1920’s. The femme fatale was known for her heavy partying and also managed to get married five times during her short life. La Marr died of possibly drug related tuberculosis at the age of only 29 in 1926. I read that her career had gone into a decline after having an affair with this charmer here, John Gilbert.

John Gilbert

Gilbert starred in almost a hundred films and was a huge filmstar, very well paid too, at the time. In the late 1920s he had an affair with and was eventually left at the altar (!!) by no other than Greta Garbo! After these events it was said that he never really got his spark back, poor fellow. He died of a heart attack in 1936.

When I purchased these two cards I didn’t know who these people were, they were just beautiful faces from the silent movie era that I really don’t know that much about. I looked up their names and read their stories on IMDB today for this blog post and was surprised to learn that La Marr and Gilbert had had a love affair. So I just had to photograph the spot where I keep these cards here at home. For ages the two have been stuck on this old mirror on my desk, facing each other. I’d call that quite a coincidence.

Cards on the mirror

7 thoughts on “Fatal attraction? Or vintage postcards part 3

  1. violet says:

    I’m happy you are blogging again!
    And yes, you can really call that “quite a coincidence”;-)
    Waiting to see your jewellery…

  2. Majeak Ann says:

    Oh hey Lea, thanks you are so nice.! 🙂
    Wow, love these cards….
    let us know when you have your new collection ready! 🙂

  3. mags says:

    I like Those Two –
    feeling the same kind of ‘Kismet’ in my present life;
    no explanation offered…

  4. kathleen says:

    I love coincidences, it makes everything feel like there is a higher meaning to even the smallest of details. 🙂

    Your vintage collection is lovely!

  5. jes says:

    Isn’t that a wild coincidence!! I love it! And I love that you went and researched those as well!

    I am very excited for the Spring!! I hope you 2 can pull it off!!!!!!!!! xoxoxox

  6. Romina says:

    What an amazing love-story!!!!!!!!

  7. Sandy says:

    Voi taivas, mitä ihania kuvia sinulla täällä onkaan!

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