That’s a fine van you got there!

Is there a better way to lift up your spirits on a rainy day than seeing what your dear old blog looks like in another language, preferrably one that you don’t speak very well? I say there isn’t, at least when just about everything has been translated, even the bits that aren’t really supposed to be.

As WordPress allows me to see which links people have clicked to find my blog, I learned the other day that some adorable person had gone through the trouble of having Google translate my blog into german. I find it quite charming that someone who doesn’t read English has been interested enough to do that. However, the translator has done its job so carefully that for example my blog title that originally comes from the name of a book and a female character in it has turned into a lovely four-wheeled vehicle by the name of Brooklyn!! “Packwagen”, that’s german for “van” for heaven’s sake, I had never even thought of it before! It’s absolutely hilarious, it’s like the name of a cartoon or a children’s book! And what about the list of my favourite blogs, music and so on on my sidebar?! Liquid Sky Arts hits new dimensions as “Flüssige Himmel-Künste”, Ubiquity Records…I don’t even know what to say. And when you click on the links, it’s all in german there too! Fantastic! So, I highly recommend everyone to go and giggle at my blog and many more in german. From now on, I shall continue to do so regularly. I learned german at school for several years but was always more drawn to roman languages in the end and haven’t much kept up my skills in german. However, now I was really glad to have that background and be able to see the humour behind the translations.

Other recommended ways of spending the day include listening to the wonderful Radio Nova Paris online and checking out Satellite‘s latest collection of out-of-this-world beautiful jewellery. I’ve also meant to share this gorgeous picture gallery, for those of you who would like to take a tour in black&white Paris, visit “Paris en images”. Cheers!

4 thoughts on “That’s a fine van you got there!

  1. violet says:

    Paris en images I knew before, but thank you for posting some photos of your new jewellery. Blueberrys…yammy…They are beautifull, again.

  2. kathleen says:

    This post made me laugh so hard. That’s crazy that it translates it to “Ubiquity Records”! That’s such an epic name, yay google! Now I’m left wondering, why have my friends in Germany not told me this?!

    These links look fantastic, I’m off to explore them… thanks Lea! 🙂

  3. jes says:

    That is so funny!!! I am laughing with Kathleen!!!!!

    HEY…what is the photo of the jewlery? That ring is SPECTACULAR!

    I miss you and owe you a big email…so much to tell of NYC….just in case you are still thinking of coming this way…we must chat!

    I have been crazy busy…but am getting somewhat caught up! Will write soon this week! xoxxoxo

  4. juuli says:

    Es ist zu urig! Wirklich zum krumm-Lachen!

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