A writer’s block. And it must stop NOW.

I apologise in advance for the negativity in this post. That’s just the way I feel, so I hope that you won’t abandon me for it. Because seriously, if I don’t write something now I feel like I’ll never write again, so blocked with blogging I feel. I feel stuck in every other way too, and I can’t think of another reason except quite simple light-deprivation. I wish I hadn’t complained about the snow in my last post. It just caught me off guard then. Now I’d give anything to get it back. This damp darkness is miserable, it’s like walking through days and weeks inside black nothingness, eventually not even knowing what day it is. I’m not kidding.

If I need to get up early for work it’s pitch dark when the alarm goes off and pitch dark when I return home, so I haven’t seen a glimpse of daylight all day. So whatever. If it’s my day off I’m so tired and under the weather that I sleep too late and catch maybe an hour of not having to turn on the lights. Yeah, whatever. The other day when I got up I saw that there was just about enough light next to the window so I might attempt to take pictures of my latest jewellery, because despite the misery and stress, I’ve been unusually productive. I rushed to get my camera and was freaking out, trying to quickly find something to use as background, as I knew the light could disappear any minute. This is all I could come up with in those few moments.

Green Lady

Green Lady. Made this almost a month ago already. I like the unusual shape of this clear glass bead and the irregularity of these opaque green beads. I’ve noticed that I can only work with clear, bright, summery colours now. I cannot touch the black, brown and dark green beads that I thought I’d use this season. They depress me. Bright shades make me happier. A girl has to try and grab the cheery thoughts wherever she can. The background comes from a wonderful book that I have, “Parisian Fashion, La Gazette du Bon Ton”. It’s full of images by Barbier and the like that have been published in La Gazette du Bon Ton, the fashion magazine that was very influential in the Art Nouveau & Art Deco era that I love so much. I return to this book whenever I need inspiration and it has rarely failed to deliver.


This is the other photo I managed to take. Then the light faded away and I felt like throwing the camera out on the street out of sheer frustration. I’m being ridiculous, of course. But anyhow, I made this bracelet also several weeks ago and have since been wearing it almost every day. I thought I’d make another one later with moonstones. The amethyst is my mother’s birthstone and has always been her favourite gemstone. Maybe I need to wear this now because I really, really miss my family. To be in the know that I’ll see them at Christmas is a lifesaver, although it’ll be a very short visit to my hometown.

Where’s my Christmas spirit? I hope I’ll find it tomorrow when we go and get our tree. That usually does the trick, because I LOVE christmas trees. Maybe I’ll even blog about it. Thanks to everyone who still drop by my place and have a lovely Sunday!

5 thoughts on “A writer’s block. And it must stop NOW.

  1. Julia says:

    Nice to have you back. I’ve been missing your spirit lifting jewelry. 🙂 And these certainly are not a dissapointment! Lime green is probably my favorite color and the amethyst bracelet is gorgeous!

    I totally sympathize with your problems. Lack of ligth has prevented me from taking good pictures for several months (it has nothing to do with my poor skills ;-)) and now it starts to effect my mood too… :/

  2. Your jewelry light even the darkest day. 🙂

  3. Romina says:

    Awww winter does that to me too….and I HATE HATE HATE when it’s dark so early. I also think of white and bright colors for the winter to light up my spirit. Winter is not fun at all… 🙁

    I’m not with a Christmas spirit AT ALL this year, you’re lucky you’re going home with yours and this past week’s been a, please forgive the word, shitty one… but I’m imaptiently waiting for mum and dad next February!!!! Woooo!!!

    Love your stuff and your pictures, always!
    Sending a little light to your corner of the world and much love.
    Take care friend!!

  4. mags says:

    Oh, L.! Have the same feelings with the dark and gloomy mornings, would like to stay under sheets for ever! The same way coming home late evenings, wanting to wrap oneself in a warm blanket… sleep away the continuous damp shades of the outdoors.
    -Oh, the amethysts! Mine are eagerly waiting for their own opportunity to show off! Still, I like specially the vanity of the Green Lady! Fabulous!
    -Let’s keep up! Today I saw some white flakes!

  5. Romina says:

    You’ve been tagged at my blog girl! – if you find a little break 😉

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