Greetings from America Latina!

I don’t usually photograph my beads but this time I’ll make an exception. My friend recently came home after a six month stay in Buenos Aires. She had kindly agreed to be my “bead agent” there so I ended up buying a huge pile of silver beads, enough to last me a long time!

Large silver beads of this kind are quite pricey and the selection in Finnish bead stores is not very impressive. If I buy from overseas I have to pay so much extra in shipping and handling fees, even customs fees, that buying silver turns out painfully expensive. With the help of my friend I was for once able to avoid all these extra charges so I really splurged on these wonderful beads and filigree bead caps… These beads had been imported from the Filippines so they weren’t exactly cheap in BA either, but all other charges aside, it was a bargain. Thanks, Anu!!

Silver beads 2

I also received ten looong strands of chip beads in lovely, light shades of green, blue and yellow. I haven’t worked with chip beads before so it will be kind of a challenge for me to be able to make them work in an interesting way.

Chips 1

These lovely wooden plates were a great find at Moko, one of my favourite shops in town. They are lightweight and pretty and everything looks nice on them. I even like the rattling sound of beads or tools touching the wood.

Chips 3

Our home is quite small and for the moment I don’t really have a proper studio space. (I watch in awe and envy all the beautiful studio photos people have sent to the new Flickr group Studio Works that Jes has put up. Thanks for inviting me, Jes!) Fortunately the materials in jewellery making don’t necessarily require a huge space and even fit in one bag when I go to the country for a longer period of time. I usually work at my desk but for example today the light was so good in front of the window that I laid my bits and bobs out on the window sill and sat on a stool in front of it to play with my new beads…

14 thoughts on “Greetings from America Latina!

  1. Oh my. . .wow – your photos of your amazing new goodies are so lush and stunning! I love those trays as well – oh Lea you have such frickin’ good taste. Can not wait to see what you create from this booty of fabulousness.

  2. Michli says:

    Oh my indeed! Those babies are so shiny and shimmery I just fell down my’re just sooo lucky right now 😀 I like those chips more than silver beads, but thats just my style 🙂 I see there jade, amazonite, rainbow-fluorite.. Aw!

  3. Michli says:

    AWW and blue lace agate! Am I right? I just had to add because I think it is my fav even though I have never own it, but dreamed about it 🙂

  4. Michli: Yes, it’s ágata azul in spanish so that must be blue lace agate. And I’m guessing lárimar is amazonite. Then there’s opal quartz, new jade, rainbow fluorite and the yellow one is aragonite. 🙂

    Tiffini: “Booty of fabulousness”! I love it, thanks!! 🙂

  5. mags says:

    Oh! I must admit I envy You enormously!! Those chips look fantastic and tempting…
    (I bought Larimar beads a while ago; they were g.l.agate. But then, I guess ‘larimar’ is the name of the certain shade of blue as also the real stone Larimar exists )

  6. mags says:

    Btw; I share the interest (or greed 😉 ) to blue lace agate with Michli 🙂 Did not find the right ones yet…

  7. Outi says:

    Ah, who cares about the chips, give me that box of silver anytime 😉 I’m sitting here drooling!

  8. Julia says:

    Hyvää ystävänpäivää, Lea! 🙂

  9. What stuning photos! I like seeing what others collect for their creations!

  10. jes says:

    oh. my. great. everloving. goodness. I would just love to run my fngers through that fabulous, luscious pile of silver beads!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    These shots that you have taken are just PERFECT for Studio Works, because they are beautiful and inspiring!


  11. Gypsy Purple says:

    Those silver one`s are devine…enjoy them


  12. Anu says:

    Nearly had a heart attack when I saw that lovely lot of silver 😉 The chips don’t look bad either *sigh*

  13. Pat de Verre says:

    How lucky you are…These silver beads are so gorgeous and they’ll embelish your jewels. I love so much your bracelet and your combination of color:,turquoise etc.. Congratulations I admire your work. I’ll return to see your website soon.

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