Night sky

Well, it’s 2 a.m. I’m obviously teasing myself. I’m going to feel like #!%?!!#’* in the morning but I just can’t be bothered to go to bed yet. I’ve been doing an inventory on my jewellery materials and dreaming up new pieces. I need clasps, jumprings and wire, otherwise I’m good for now, I suppose.

Space Ship
I’ve always wanted to post this weird and funny image. Now it kind of suits my mood. Found ages ago from here, as always…

Here’s a new bracelet that I made the other day.

Night sky bracelet 2
Night sky bracelet

One night, just before turning off the lights, I grabbed the long strand of these lapis lazuli chips from their cotton pouch and placed them on the table. Then I picked up the powder coloured, opalescent (glass?) bead and a chunky toggle clasp, threw them on top of the lapis chips and went to bed. The next day I just walked past them and occasionally stared at them for a while. “What shall I do with you? I really like the way you look together. But you chips are a little dull even though your colour is quite striking. Then again you, mysterious, magical powder ball, you look like you fell down from the sky or an elf’s pocket!” The day after that I sat down and “Night sky” is what came out of it. And the day after that I made another one in green.

Chip beads that I had always considered a little uninspiring, are finally starting to grow on me! :)! What a relief!

12 thoughts on “Night sky

  1. Mags says:

    Just love the green one!!

  2. Anu says:

    No taas on niin ihania koruja, että 🙂 Minäkään en ole oikein päässyt noiden kivisirujen sielunelämästä jyvälle, mutta tämä antoi taas inspiraatiota ja uskoa siihenkin suuntaan.

  3. violet says:

    Suosittelen ehdottomasti yövalvomista jos sen tuloksena tulee näin kaunista.
    Tuo “puuteripallo” on hurmaava. Se pelastaa nuo kivisirut, jotka olisivat ankeita yksin, ilman kontrastia.

  4. Kiitos, tytöt!! Minulla on niin paljon siruja, että onneksi keksin, miten niistä saa jänniä juttuja. Muuten upean väriset, valtameren takaa tuodut kivet menisivät hukkaan.

    Violet: Yövalvominen on… jos en sanoisi jopa “erikoisosaamistani”. Kröhöm, tähän viittaa provosoiva “mottonikin” blogini bannerissa, mitä ei kuitenkaan ole todellakaan tarkoitus ottaa vakavasti!! Heh!

  5. kathleen says:

    What a beautiful contrast, you made those midnight blue chip beads look so elegant.

  6. Mai says:

    Oli pakko tulla sanomaan, että korusi ovat aivan ihastuttavia! 🙂 Juuri sen tyylisiä mitä itsekin koitin väkertää jokin aika sitten koruntekopistoksen saaneena. En tosin koskaan saanut aikaiseksi mitään noin ihanaa. Saako udella mistä tilaat kivet ja korunosat?

  7. Majeak Ann says:

    Lea, thanks for say hi! I am glad that you also viewed the little animation :). Thanks for your sweet words!
    I am wondering, we both have wordpress account, how do you do to comment and make your icon profile show at the comment box? Ok..hehe, I am going to hit “submit” and see if I see mine, if not, could you please let me know how to do it? I am a newbie, here…I want to learn.
    Anyways, I see you have made precious bracelets, so elegant! as always…
    See you later… and thanks for the tips.
    Marjorie Ann

  8. Majeak Ann says:

    no…u_u… it didn’t showed my icon profile…don’t know.

  9. I don’t know what I like best…your photographs or your gems…well at least this I know for sure..your work is beautiful!

  10. jes says:

    love this one! And hey, I’ve had that same sewing needle kit before! Isn’t that funny?! (I still might have it in the stash!!)

    Hope all is well!!! xoxox

  11. Kastehelmi says:

    I’m just mesmerized by the lapis bracelet! Love your other latest jewellery also – there is something whimsical going on 🙂

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