Flow 07

For the last four summers, I have spent the last weekend of my summer holiday at this festival. It’s the only fesival in Finland that every year offers a line-up to make me swoon! This year the festival was held at a new location that was simply perfect for an urban, musical gathering. The old Suvilahti power plant, the buildings of which date back almost a hundred years is located close to the center of Helsinki and as I said, the surroundings couldn’t have been more fitting!

Flow Festival

The weather was mostly fantastic, although on Friday evening the unexpected wind almost froze me to death before I managed to get some extra clothes. On Saturday my boyfriend and I found ourselves on a picture of the online version of the biggest national newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat! Luckily our backs were turned because at that moment I was so cold that my facial expression would have revealed some serious suffering although Terry Callier‘s gig was extremely heart-warming. A few minutes after this picture was taken my best friend arrived with a lovely, warm shawl that saved the rest of the evening. :)!

Helsingin Sanomat 18.8.2007
There we are, me in the yellow skirt!

Other musical highlights of the weekend included Friday evening’s nice and long set from the Five Corners gang and Op:l Bastards and !!! (which was completely new for me and I liked it surprisingly much!) on Saturday. Sunday was very entertaining throughout the whole evening but the cherry on top was definetly Bebel Gilberto. Yes, now I’ve seen her live, something that I had been dreaming about for years as I really, really love her music! She was so sweet and her voice is something that totally melts my heart. And she was adorably tiny, probably no more that 155 cm tall, just like Madonna, tee-hee! I myself am also short (160 cm) and had made the mistake of wearing high-heeled wedges on Sunday, in order to see my favourite artists a little better in that huge crowd. After stading around in those shoes all day my toes were utterly crushed by he time it was Bebel’s turn. I had to take the shoes off and stay barefoot for a while, but the wedges did help because I stood on the shoes!

The buildings of the area looked particularly good in the darkenind August evening.

After three intense days of music this week has started off a little lame. Luckily I won’t be returning to work after almost 5 weeks’ absence until Thursday. (Ugh, how will that go??!) Yesterday I headed for the record shop and bought 3 records to “ease the pain” a little, the latest albums by Bebel, Air and Gotan Project. It did help, I must say!

Flow 07

More pictures from the Flow Festival, especially the people, here and an interesting mixtape featuring some of the artists’ music here. I’ll return soon with some jewellery and a long lost tag…

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  1. kathleen says:

    The Flow Festival looks like it was fantastic… I would’ve loved to be there too! 🙂

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