Glittering darkness

I haven’t posted pictures of my treasured vintage postcards for a while, so here’s one that has been a bit of an inspiration recently.

Priscilla Dean
Priscilla Dean

Another captivating gaze of a girl from the silent movie era. That velvety outfit looks so luxurious! I wonder what colour it was…

Last month my friend asked me to create a necklace to go with her midnight blue party dress. She wanted something black with a slight blue sparkle. After flicking through some vintage ads and photos I came up with this look. I used oxidised silver, fire polished czech glass beads, swarovski crystals, oval blackstones and peacock grey/blue freshwater pearls. The pendant is a gorgeously faceted black onyx that I bought in Barcelona. I wish I had more of them!

“Glittering darkness” necklace

I also made a pair of simple, long earrings to make a set out of it. Here’s also another shot of the necklace, with a sharper look at the pendant.

As of late I have been diving in deep waters inside my mind. I have a lot of questions that need answers, many decisions to make and a lot of work ahead of me, in order to achieve what I’m dreaming about. The jewellery that I’ve been making during the last weeks of summer seem to have caught a touch of these emotions as well.

“Atlantis” necklace

In “Atlantis” I’ve used light and dark amethysts and chalk turquoise alongside a lovely filigree silver pendant. I’m starting to run out of my Argentinian booty of silver beads that my friend brought me in spring. That gives me the shivers!

“Deep water” earrings

In “Deep water” I’ve used glass beads and freshwater pearls that came from an amazing bead gift that one of my friends from work gave me recently. From a wonderful mixture of all kinds and colours of beads that she handed over to me, this is the first piece I’ve created. You’ll be seeing many more once I get my groove back on after this flu I’m having.

4 thoughts on “Glittering darkness

  1. violet says:

    Toivon että löydät vastaukset mielessäsi pyöriviin kysymyksiin.
    Ja vielä kerran; sinulla on erehtymätön tyylitaju ja värisilmä.

  2. Mags says:

    Oh, you have the touch, Lea!
    The atmosphere in the photo and in the ‘Glittering darkness’ is so mystically similar – love both of them <3

  3. Julia says:

    Täytyy yhtyä edellisiin. 🙂 Kaunista.

  4. Vasilisa says:

    I love your jewellery. Wonderful colours!

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