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I’m embarrassed to admit that I was tagged for this by Rani in May, already! Then again, I didn’t get much blogging done during the summer anyway, so I decided that this tag is a good way to start a new season. I have all the time in the world now that I have the flu and have to stay indoors. Sorry, Rani, that it took so long! Here goes…

Times Square
Me posing in some ridiculously huge eyewear at Times Square NYC, October 2005. Looking like a little demon out of a comic strip. 🙂

1. Decision making is a pain in the a** for me. Whether it’s deciding about my future or where to sit at a restaurant, it’s always difficult. It’s usually about making a choice between two things. Black or blue? Heels or flats? Window or isle? Plane or train? Get up or stay in bed? Work or study? Save or spend? Umbrella or no umbrella? To be or not to be?

2. But sometimes I know absolutely exactly what it is that I want. It’s 100% crystal clear to me. In those cases it’s extremely hard for me to compromise.

3. When I get upset I become a little demon. I either explode completely, swear, cry and kick walls or I stay very calm but what comes out of my mouth is the meanest, most sarcastic and ironic, totally exaggerated slander. Fortunately I snap out of it very quickly once I get it out of my system. My boyfriend says I sometimes behave like someone out of a comic strip!

4. I can’t go anywhere without at least some jewellery. However, I take it all off the second I walk back in. When I’m at home I can’t stand having any jewellery on.

5. I get along with most people but I once met a man who told me that music means absolutely nothing to him. He thought music was totally overrated as an artform and didn’t have any feelings whatsoever towards any music at all. He didn’t understand people who couldn’t live without music. He didn’t get what all that useless fuss was about. That’s one time I really needed to work on it to be able to stay in the same room with him.

6. I had only known my boyfriend for about 6 weeks when I alredy agreed to go on a trip abroad with him. He made all the arrangements. for me, being someone who had been used to travelling alone and organising everything myself, this was a huge deal. He was perfect company. I haven’t travelled without him since.

7. It took me many months to decide whether or not to start my own blog. And although I struggle before every post: oh, god, what am I doing, what shall I write about, oh, no, this is no good, the pictures suck, I have nothing to say, I’m too tired, whatever and blah blah, still I think in the end it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. Thank You for sharing the experience!

P.S. I’m tagging everyone who hasn’t already done this one. Seven random things about yourself. I’m thinking at least Jes and Violet…?

3 thoughts on “Seven things

  1. violet says:

    Luin ahneesti! Tuosta musiikista; minä ajattelen että ihminen joka ei osaa nimetä mitään lempimusiikkia on lähinnä epäilyttävä. En ymmärrä.

    Kohta 4:n allekirjoitan täysin, samoin numeron 3…
    Päätöksenteko on myös minullekin vaikeaa. TOSIN…koska mieheni on samanlainen, olen huomannut ottaneeni itselleni päättäjän roolin usein. Minua ärsyttää ihmisten päättämättömyys ehkä juuri siksi, että se on itsellenikin niin hankalaa.

    Mitä tulee kohtaan 7…kun kirjoitan Piilomajaa ( en paljon ajattele ennen tekstin lähettämistä. Siksi siellä on varmaan paljon blaa blaata. Joskus toivoisin että oma kirjoituskynnykseni olisi hiukan korkeammalla!

  2. violet says:

    Oh, en huomannut että minut HAASTETTIIN oikein…muovaan vastauksentapaisen lähitulevaisuudessa…

  3. jes says:

    OK…I will play once my company leaves this weekend! I’m so weird and random sometimes, I might scare people off….hehehehehe. I could be your evil twin comic strip sister! xoxo

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