Hello, again! Just making a bit of a personal record here, three posts in two days! Illness seems to be a blog-friendly state. I’m better now though and will be returning to work tomorrow…

Vilma Banky
At first I thought Vilma Banky, “The Hugarian Rhapsody” is holding a compact but no, it’s a rose…

That postcard was found in Porvoo already last summer but the vintage, 1940’s roses that hang from the earrings below are a more recent find.

Sleeping Beauty earrings
“Sleeping Beauty”

The seller said that they are silver, however, there are no stamps so this remains a mystery. They’re very lightweight, and don’t smell of anything so I suppose they might be strongly patinated silver. Anyway, they’re quite lovely!! I spent ages trying to decide what to use with them to make a pair of earrings. So in the end I chose these dark amethysts and freshwater pearls in my current favourite colour, “peacock”. The total length of the earrings is almost 5 cm. I’m quite inspired to make also a bracelet or necklace in these colours later on…

Well, then, here’s one more little thing from the past, bought ages ago at an antiques fair. Just couldn’t leave it there!

Pastilles by Docteur A. Salmon

Oh, the stuff people used to pop in their mouths! This old tin cracks me up especially now that my own throat is still a bit sore and I’m guessing people used to take these wonder pastilles for just that. Of course I can’t be sure, as the text on the bottom of the tin simply recommends them for their “qualité” and “activité” (which one, may I ask?). I wonder if all my favourite artists from Mucha to Toulouse-Lautrec walked the streets of Paris with a tin of these in their coat pockets, consuming 8 to 10 per day? They most probably did!

9 thoughts on “Rose-Menthol-Borate-Cocaïne

  1. Mags says:

    I just noticed the Decadence and Lilac bracelets on Flickr; fabulous!

  2. anu says:

    Oi kuinka hurmaavat!
    Myös edellisen postauksen tumma kaulakoru on huikean upea!

  3. I never knew that about that tin box…i will start reading tins more carefully at the fairs…maybe a pill or two will be left over.
    The rose on the earrings reminds me of roses found on vintage rosarys honoring Mary.
    Beautiful work it never fails you.

  4. kathleen says:

    I’m in love with all of the vintage treasures you’ve collected… & those roses are gorgeous!

  5. Mags says:

    Template-change!? Charming… 🙂

  6. hope says:

    Hi there – just wanted to stop by and say hello! Looking forward to meeting you with Jes in Nov!

  7. jes says:

    LOVE those earrings girl, they are PERFECT!

    Can’t wait to hook up!!! We will email you in a week or two to let you know the time and place!!!!!!!!!

    I JUST CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Kovasti odottelen uutta kirjoitusta..!
    Olin eilen kirpparilla ja siellä oli paljon tuollaisia pieniä peltirasioita. Tuli mieleen tämä kuva.

  9. Matroskin says:

    I love your blog! The rose earrings are lovely.

    In Victorian times, aenemic women were made to drink strong beer with actual powderized iron in it! Yuck!

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