Candles, gems and glitter

In this miserable rain and darkness candles, gems and glitter bring a little hope to the weary soul. I’m making jewellery all the time but photographing is nerve-racking in this ever present gloominess, so I haven’t photographed most of my latest pieces yet.

Charming bracelet 2
“Charming” bracelet with czech and pressed glass beads and a couple of amethysts.

My current favourite colour combo has been this aqua/amethyst mix. I don’t know, it just makes my heart melt! I’ve also played around with these lovely amazonite leaves that I brought back from NYC…

The Village necklace
“The Village” necklace

Last Saturday I had a party and all in all about twenty cheerful guests arrived in celebration of my up and coming business! Despite the preparations being half way ready (typical!!) when the guests started rolling in, I’d say the night was a lot of fun and I’d like to send a big, warm Thank You to everyone that came in such short notice! I hope to see all of you again in the Spring!

Centifolia necklace
“Centifolia” necklace. I do have a thing for roses…

I’m too tired for anything else this time, but I will mention that Pasi’s New York 2007 Flickr set is finally ready! Sit back and enjoy! I recommend the slideshow…

I love this shot!
Christmas lights at Rockefeller Plaza. Love, love, love!

6 thoughts on “Candles, gems and glitter

  1. anu says:

    OOooh, aivan älyttömän ihania kaikki! : )

  2. Mirkka says:

    Kiitos itsellenne viimeisestä! Palataan niihin pussukoihin kun ehditään.Tuu vaikka tänne glögille ni ideoidaan 🙂

  3. Mags says:

    Oh, once again – what a great combination of colours and elements 🙂 So very charming!

  4. Just so very stunning as always. The color combinations are just to die for. . . you are so amazingly talented! Crazy. . just so beautiful.

  5. Kirsi says:

    aivan mielettömiä koruja!! Saako näitä ostaa tai teetkö tilauksesta?

  6. Aqua-ametisti -yhdistelmä on tosi kaunis. Samoin tykkään tuon Centifolian “maitomaisesta” väristä.

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