Conversations nécessaires

Little Bloggy Fairy behind left ear: “Come on, come ON! Just get that new blogging year started, Lea!”

Moi: “Look, I haven’t got the energy. I’m exhausted. It’s dark, foggy and raining. Depressing. What’s there to talk about? The world is ending anyway.”

Le Concert au Salon bracelet
Le Concert au Salon

Bloggy Fairy: ” You’re just being lazy. You are! Stop complaining, the darkness is the same for everyone, they’re all struggling with the same crap this global warming has caused. Come OOOOOOOON!

Self: “I have pain in the neck. Maybe I have the flu coming. Really, I’m just not inspired enough, I need to wait for the right moment. I just want to listen to Gotan Project and stare at my beads.”

Bermuda necklace

Bloggy Fairy (has moved over towards the right ear): “I don’t want to hear the excuses!!! It’s never the right moment for you. And what are all these lies about not being inspired? You’ve been swooning over your beads, making new jewellery all the time! You’ve made loads of stuff, for heaven’s sake!”

Me: “I have finger cramp. My hair is a mess.”

Nymph necklace

Nymph bracelet
Nymph bracelet.

Bloggy Faery (starting to grow pink horns out of sheer frustration): “You do not have finger cramp. You also just went to the salon, so your hair is fine. And that’s beside the point. Hair does not create or sell jewellery. But you’ve recently done both. What more do you want? However, Gotan Project is a good choice, I’ll give you that…

Me (arrogantly): “Do you have any idea how difficult it has been to take decent photographs in this lack of light? I start pulling my hair out at the mere thought of chasing that one, sad ray of light. My creative flow has suffered a great deal this month. It’s like living in 19th century London!”

Orchard earrings

Fairy: “19th century London?! May I just ask how, exactly, do you consider that a problem? Is it not one of your favourite destinations of time travel? You read Sherlock Holmes‘ adventures every night in bed!!

Self: Er… I do like the old times, yes… What did I just say?

Fountain necklace

Fairy (having climbed all the way up to the top of my head, he can feel he’s winning): “And besides, as if you didn’t have Photoshop to fix the colours just right in those photos. Now, for the last time, get that blogging started, girl!!! And this year, try to keep it more regular. It will help you get more things done if you report about them.

Moi (starting to give up): “You got me. I am just being a lazy, whining cry-baby, aren’ t I?”

Holly bracelet

Faery Friend: “Yes you are, darling. Just get those new pieces out there. You know you want to hear what they think. You finished some of these over a month ago! Keep it much longer and they’ll abandon you. How much will you cry then?”

Me: “I know. I’ll get over myself. Thank you. Will you give me a massage later? And finish with my inventory? I need to be officially open for business soon! Could you get me my calculator? And the papers… also, put those receipts in order, please… Where did I get those beads? Hey, wasn’t someone I know going to Barcelona soon, maybe I could get some more of those, right? Oh, I want to make some earrings to match that bracelet…And I still need to take more photos…”

Little Bloggy Fairy (cozily back behind left ear): “Here we go, again…”

7 thoughts on “Conversations nécessaires

  1. Merja says:

    Ooh… Fantabulous… Isn’t Valentine’s coming soon??? Want, want, want.

  2. Anu says:

    Please, please, please listen to Bloggy Fairy, because we want more 🙂 You’ve again created such distinctive pieces of jewelry (and very Lea-like). I especially love the ‘Bermuda’ and ‘Nymph’ necklaces.

  3. Julia says:

    Aivan ihania koruja! Mä tykkään ihan simona noista Nymph ja Bermuda kaulakoruista. Kyllä näitä on odotettukin!

  4. Mags says:

    And me, I like the Fountain, specially that one… Just adorable… Thanks for being back again, Lea ;-D

  5. Thank You so much, girls! I really appreciate all your comments!! 🙂

    I changed the photo on “Nymph” necklace to a slightly lighter and sharper one. The labradorites were unrealistically dark in the previous photo.

  6. dawn says:

    Oh you must post more often because your pieces are so lovely & it really makes my day just seeing them. I’m so glad my friend Roxanne found you!

    Happy 2008 to you & Pasi!! Is a trip to NYC on the agenda for the New Year?

  7. Kathy says:

    it is such a pleasure to read you !!!!
    I promise to write soon.
    I do miss you.

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