Agua de beber

Do I have a slight obsession with amazonites and aquamarines? Probably, yes. Aquatic shades are a huge long time favourite for me. The last (at least for a while) of the lovely faceted, round amazonites were used in this necklace.

Chateau necklace

I rarely use copper findings but this one stole my heart. I wanted to use silver wire though, and in my opinion it works, as the colour of the small glass beads (clear with coppery-brown sides) brings the two metallic colours together. I also used copper with silver wire in these earrings that I made already in early December.

Snowflake Chandelier earrings
Snowflake Chandelier

One of my best NY buys bead-wise was a string of amazing quality amazonite leaves. I intend to use all of them for different necklaces. Village, Fountain and Nymph are now joined by Rain.

Rain necklace

I really like the stormy, metallic blue of these glass beads that I also bought from New York. The faceted ones are naturally czech glass.

And I was right. Now I have the flu. A pot of tea, please!

4 thoughts on “Agua de beber

  1. Heeei, kaksi postausta pitkästä aikaa! Hienoa. Kuvat ovat taas kauniita.
    Nyt näkyy paljon lehdissä, kaupoissa, kaikkialla juuri sinisävyisiä juttuja. Turkosit, veden väriset ja petroolin sävyiset korut tuntuvat olevan kovasti esillä.
    Yhteen aikaan en olisi osannut itselleni kuvitellakaan, mutta nyt olen huomannut itsekin ostavani juuri turkoosia.
    Pidän sen jotenkin ‘itämaisesta’tunnelmasta.

  2. Pinjami says:

    Amatsoniitti on sitten kaunista. Samaa mieltä edellisen kommentoijan kanssa, turkoosia näkyy nyt paljon ja hyvä niin sillä on mielettömän kaunis väri. Olen aina ihaillut sinun korukuviasi, tekevät tosiaan oikeutta kauniille koruille.

  3. Roxanne says:

    Hope you feel better.

    I emailed you that my friend LOVED the Flutter bracelet that you made as her belated Christmas present, but not sure my email went through.

    She is now also in love with your web site, and tells everyone about it!

    big hug from Los Angeles!


  4. Thank You so much, Kati, Pinjami and Roxanne! You make my day!

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