I’m starting to recover from the flu once again. Let’s hope that this time there won’t be any more setbacks…

I’ll just post a couple of images for now: little jewellery with wings.

Mercurio earrings
Mercurio earrings

The name Mercurio seemed appropriate for these thin and delicate earrings since I’m a Gemini and therefore Mercury is my planet. In Roman mythology Mercury (or Hermes in Greek mythology) is the messenger of the gods and has little wings in his heels and hat. (Now wouldn’t that come in handy, every once in a while?) Coincidentally, just a few days after this picture was taken last month, the spacecraft, also called Messenger, passed by this lovely planet, mapping and photographing it’s previously unknown areas. Fascinating!

Hummingbird detail
Hummingbird necklace

And here’s another addition to the series of necklaces featuring an amazonite leaf. This time the leaf is accompanied by rustic looking little glass beads and an antique gold coloured metal hummingbird.

By the way, I’ve added a gallery of available jewellery on my sidebar along with some contact info, in case anyone should ask… I’ll be updating that whenever I make new stuff and/or something is sold…

One thought on “Wings

  1. jes says:

    OH HONEY! SICK again???

    MORE beautiful pieces I see!!!

    I made my first pair of earrings the other day…they are fun! (and quick!) Instant gratification!

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