Holiday happiness

Finally on holiday! Free all week and most of next week as well! Yeay!

I’ll be heading for the snowy landscapes of the country very soon but before I do, I’ll post a few pictures in order to keep up with what I promised myself about blogging…

A friend of mine recently went to Paris and had stumbled across a lovely bead store just two minutes before closing time. She told me that she had just grabbed something really quickly and was later almost embarrassed by what she had picked up. However, she hoped that I might be able to whip up some earrings from the beads for her.

Moulin Rouge earrings
Moulin Rouge

Well, despite her (completely unnecessary) embarrassment I immediately saw potential in all her finds. Pictured above are the first earrings I came up with. Even if I say it myself, I think they turned out really lovely! I don’t know if the honey coloured stones are citrines or some type of quartz, but they were very pretty. The cute copper findings reminded me of a windmill so that’s why I named them “Moulin Rouge”. Obviously the name is also very fitting, considering from where the materials had been bought. The faceted synthetic “quartz” beads are from my own stash. I’ve recently come up with a saying: “When in doubt, add a little aqua!”, since it seems to work every time for me! Hehe! I actually liked this pair so much that it was a real drag having to give them away…

Peacock necklace

And there’s another addition to the series of necklaces featuring an amazonite leaf, this time teamed up with shades of deep, dark blue and lilac. These necklaces are so much fun to make but I’ll try to create some different necklace styles during my holiday. Otherwise I’ll feel like these are all I do!

Peacock bracelet

This bracelet is quite thin and delicate, a little more so than what’s usual for me. The striking colour however makes it stand out from the wrist just as a heavier piece would. And again with the double strand. I seem to have a thing for them, that’s for sure.

Dear Friends, I wish you a cheerful and relaxing Easter! Remember to buy flowers! (I often forget and then wonder why I feel like something’s amiss…) I have some gorgeous, bright yellow daffodils in a vase on our kitchen table. They add a boost of sunshine to gloomy and cloudy mornings, from which I’ve been suffering for the last few days. Oh, and don’t forget to stuff yourself with an ample amount of chocolate eggs! Cheerio!

5 thoughts on “Holiday happiness

  1. Anu says:

    Happy Easter dear Lea 🙂

  2. Merja says:

    Lea, aurinkoista pääsiäistä! Kiitos iiiiihaanista koruista!

  3. Mags says:

    Oh, nothing wrong with these beauties, but I’m yearning for some more!! Please!

  4. Thanks, girls! I’ll be back really soon, I promise!!

  5. dawn says:

    Lea, it’s all just gorgeous!! I hope you & Pasi enjoyed your holiday & things are well. Coming to NYC anytime soon?

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