Nightless Night

So, I was on vacation all last week and spent most of it back home in Joensuu.

Birches. We have a lot of those all around the house and down by the sauna and river.

I wasn’t quite expecting the mostly cold and rainy weather conditions but this actually allowed me even more to relax and really gather some energy that I had most certainly been lacking these last few weeks. I slept very well and had extremely vivid dreams, made a whole bunch of new jewellery that I’m very happy with, read a pile of magazines, enjoyed my mother’s cooking, watched Euro2008 (Yes, indeed!! My dream final would be Portugal vs. the Netherlands!) and just chilled

Sunset. Although it rained most days the sun fortunately always came out in the evening.

Next weekend will also be spent in these surroundings. It’s a bit crazy of course to go back and forth like this but since I only had one week off this time, I had to return to work on Monday. However, now my boyfriend and I both have the Midsummer weekend off, so we’ll pack up and fly away on Friday morning. This year my birthday happens to be on Midsummer’s Eve as well, and to be honest I’ll be much happier eating strawberry cake at my parents’ veranda with all the family than in our currently very messy apartment in Helsinki!

Nightless night
The nightless night. And one hundred million mosquitoes… 🙂

As I said, I finished many jewellery projects last week, a bunch of earrings, three bracelets and three necklaces, but I haven’t got much to show from those yet. The reason is that I’ve taken seriously crappy photos this week! I don’t know whether my camera is on the verge of a breakdown or if it’s just bad concentration on my part. I hope to be able to fix this problem soon. The citrine and red agate set below is all that I have to prove that I’ve been working.

Sunset Sky bracelet
Sunset Sky bracelet

Sunset Sky earrings
Sunset Sky earrings

Now with the forecast changing all the time, most Finns are biting their nails over where the rain will finally fall next weekend. Thumbs up for each and every one for lovely sunshine! But rain can look pretty too, at least if it’s drawn by George Barbier. 🙂 Have a great Midsummer!

L'Arc en Ciel
L’Arc en Ciel by George Barbier. Picture origonally picked up from here.

3 thoughts on “Nightless Night

  1. So Midsummers spent in an awfull rain…

    Juuh…kaikki ne kerran talvitakki ympärillä nuotin ääressä (jos on saatu palamaan!) – mutta onneksi ihania muistoja myös yöttömistä öistä.

    Viimeiseen 11 vuoteen en ole juhannusta viettänyt, kun sitä ei tunneta täällä meillä.

  2. Anu says:

    Iiks miten ihanat korut! Oikein hauskaa juhannusta ja hyvää syntymäpäivää!

  3. anu says:

    Onnea synttärisankarille ja oikein lämmintä juhannusta!
    Ihanan raikkaita koruja sekä kuvia luonnosta! Tästä postauksesta tuli hieno juhannustunnelma : )

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