Many of the necklaces I made made during my holiday feature the chunky, faceted amethysts that had been haunting me since I bought just a few of them from Barcelona last year. Recently a sweet friend of mine brought me a small handful of them along with some dazzling black agates, aquamarines and exquisite, natural red cinnabar beads. What a joy it is to have friends who travel!

I don’t know what I’ve been waiting for since I’ve been a slow starter in using these treasures. However, the relaxing mood of my summer studio inspired a series of necklaces. Here are the first of them.

Ametista necklace in turquoise
Ametista in turquoise

The necklaces are created in my usual style as it’s tiresome to pretend to “invent the wheel” over and over again. It gives me equal, sometimes even more joy to make several versions of the same design that has already proved to work, since making different colour and material combinations is probably my favourite part of the creative process. I’m also hopeless at making decisions, so I hardly ever imagine a piece in just one colour combo, not to mention a single colour!

Ametista necklace in goldstone
Ametista in goldstone

I’ve noticed that if I try to over-analyse my creations I can’t get anything done. The same happens if I think about how other people might see my work. When I manage to shake off those distracting thoughts, I usually produce pieces that I’m personally content with.

Ametista necklace in smoke

Jewellery making has always been about freedom to me. I call it my “creative breathing-hole”. After a working day of tedious chores and having to get along with the masses, I finally sit in front of my tiny working table, even if it’s only for a few moments. And it’s quite true: the air suddenly seems fresh again.

6 thoughts on “Ametista

  1. Mona says:

    Hello, I took a chance to see if you were back from your vacation and I am glad to see 2 new posts! 🙂 I can see that the vacation did you well. I love the snowflake necklace, very classy, it would look beautiful with a billowy white shirt edged in a dainty lace. As well as the variation necklaces, I really must buy something soon. I love your photography as well, what kind of camera do you use as well as your lighting? Do you use any special lights? My pictures aren’t very good and I have to do something about that. And last but not least I like the picture of the earrings being displayed on the loop of the skeleton key that is in the door…lovely :0 Take care and I hope yo will answer my questions. Mona

  2. Samanlaisia tuntemuksia omien töitteni suhteen. Pakopaikka, ihan takuulla!
    Ja sitten tuo että omia juttujaan ei pitäisi alkaa selitteleen eikä sen puoleen ajattelemaan että mistähän ihmiset tykkäisivät…syteen menee sillä reseptillä – jos ylipäätään saa enää mitään aikaan.

  3. Hi, Mona! Thanks so much for your fantastic comment!! 🙂

    You asked about my photography. Well, my camera is Canon Powershot A650. It’s quite new but my previous camera was also a Powershot, just an earlier model. It’s hardly a pro camera but then again I’m really not that great a photographer in general. I don’t have much patience for learning and this camera is easy to use and fits my hand well. I admit that the jewellery shots are pretty good these days in many ways. I like the athmosphere in them. Somehow I just learned this style by myself. I had the image in my head about how I wanted to portray my pieces and so this has developed.

    I take my jewellery shots in natural light by the window and I always use macro. I don’t know anything about any special lights and our apartment is small, so I don’t really feel like building a tent there :)! Anyway, natural light brings out the real colours of the gemstones. Of course I tweak the photos with iPhoto afterwards, but usually only to bring more light, sharpness and adjust the colours so that they look as natural as possible. Come November and I will start whining about the lack of light… 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by, Mona! Hope these answers help!

  4. jes says:

    Hi Lea! I miss you too! I am just in awe of all of your new lovely, pieces!!! And as always the photography is gorgeous…such eye candy! And I have to tell you that I lovet that bottle display!!

    We have been so busy. I hate to admit it, but I am looking forward to Fall and winter so we can slow up a bit and I can catch up with friends and spend more time in the studio!!

    Chat soon!!


  5. anu says:

    Ihania kaunottaria…alin on mun ehdoton lemppari : )
    Nyt on New Yorkin reissu takana. Kiitos sulle noista shoppailuvinkeistä…meinas tosiaan suurempi hulluus iskeä… : )

  6. sari says:

    Sun väriyhdistelmät on jotenkin niin raikkaita. Mukavia tunnelmia! Lemppariksi nousi tuo ametisti-turkoosi.

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