Beautiful vanities. Mika Waltari 1908-2008.

Mika Waltari, my favourite author to whom I owe the name of this blog among so many other things, was born one hundred years ago today. My beautiful plan for today was to celebrate this joyous occasion by going to an art exhibition opened in his honour and afterwards to dine in some classic, cultural Helsinki restaurant (perhaps this one)in the company of dear friends. Given the amount of inspiration, beauty, love, laughter and tears, not to mention the huge respect I have for the Finnish language greatly caused by the man’s literature, it would have been very lovely indeed to raise a glass or two and have a delightful evening in celebration of his life’s work.

“Fine van Brooklyn” in a gorgeous, first edition paperback from 1943.

But, since I’ve been struggling with fever and all over pain since yesterday, tonight’s events have been nothing like depicted above. I’ve shed enough tears over the matter and managed to pick myself up from the sofa before the end of the day at least to publish this post. And I really hope to have that dinner rescheduled!

Nefer Nefer Nefer
This vintage pendant, perhaps from the 1920’s or 30’s, was a recent gift from my boyfriend.

When people talk about Mika Waltari they almost always mention The Egyptian, his most famous novel. Out of all Waltari’s novels it’s not the most important one to me personally, but it’s undoubtably an absolutely fantastic book. My forever sweet and thoughtful boyfriend recently gave me this vintage pendant as a symbolic gesture, since the woman portrayed in it plays an important role in “The Egyptian”. I love it!

I’ve always wondered what Waltari would think about me writing this jewellery blog under the name Fine van Brooklyn. My guess is that he wouldn’t have minded terribly, since he was widely known for having a soft spot for, as he called them “the beautiful vanities” of life, like art and other lovely things. Anyway, Thank You, Mika! Wherever you are…

4 thoughts on “Beautiful vanities. Mika Waltari 1908-2008.

  1. Mags says:

    I noticed the opening of that exhibition, in the News, and instantly thought about you!
    What a pity you could not make those plans for yesterday to come true! Be sure to make it another time, okay!

    And, oh my what a pendant, fabulous!

  2. Mags says:

    I returned to see your coppery-white creations and I’m happy to not find anything too obvious here ;-D
    It is a fresh combo though 😉

  3. Kääk miten ihana mies sulla!
    Waltari kuuluu suuriin suosikkeihin täälläkin.

  4. Mags: I managed to go to the exhibition on Sunday, so the first part of my plan is complete! Thanks for your sweet words!

    Kati: Nii-in, sehän on kyllä taivahan tosi. Mulla on aivan järjettömän ihana mies!Ja hauska kuulla, että Waltarista on ollut iloa sullekin!

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