I made this set of turquoise/sand/green jewellery during my summer holiday. Easy, carefree summer jewellery that goes best with light, Indian cotton and a slight tan. 🙂

Seafoam earrings
Seafoam earrings

This summer went by so quickly and at some point actually felt like a summer that never truly arrived. By the time I got back from the country, it almost felt like Autumn already, so I wasn’t sure if I would feel like introducing “Seafoam” here at all…

Seafoam necklace
Seafoam necklace

Then again, why hide the summer jewellery, since at many parts of the world it’s still summer?! And next Sunday I’m leaving for one of those places as my mother and I are taking off to the island of Crete in Greece! We’re going to the region of Chania, of which I’ve heard nothing but nice things. I haven’t travelled in Greece since my early teens, so I’m really looking forward to this trip. Hooray!

Seafoam bracelet
Seafoam bracelet

5 thoughts on “Seafoam

  1. MOna says:

    Wow you really have a way with combining colors and textures, The necklace is beautiful.

  2. MouMou says:

    Ihana rannekoru!<3

  3. Thank you, Mona and MouMou!!

  4. annie says:

    kauniin harmonisia koruja sinulla 🙂

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