The Nervous Track

I have a lot of unfinished projects on my hands and still have no new jewellery pictures to show, so blog-wise I’m now finally taking part in the music tag that I got from my boyfriend months ago already. It seemed fitting since I’ve been listening to such fantastic music lately! 🙂 Music is also related to my jewellery making: I always listen to music when I’m working, as I’m certain lots of other people do as well.

The idea of this tag was quite simply to name five songs that are currently playing in your head, no matter what genre they are or weather they’re old or new. For someone like me who’s absolutely crap at choosing and deciding anything, this is quite a difficult job but I’ll go for it anyway.  Out of all the hundreds of current favourites, here are five random choices…

1. Stephanie McKay: Jackson Avenue

I’ve been hooked on this track ever since I first heard it on my adored Radio Nova Paris in August. There’s a pureness in this woman’s performance that really appeals to me. And I miss New York. Listen to “Jackson Avenue” on Stephanie McKay’s MySpace.

Tell It Like It Is

2. Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons: Beggin’ (Pilooski re-edit)

Sometimes re-edits of good old classics are horrible and other times they’re just totally spot-on. The talented frenchman Pilooski made a version of “Beggin’ ” in 2007 that falls easily into the latter category. I’ve been listening to it practically on repeat for the last few weeks, it’s absolutely hypnotic!! The video is available on YouTube and Pilooski’s MySpace can be found here.

3. Mulatu Astatke: Yegelle Tezela

I very recently rediscovered ethiojazz and particularly the music of Mulatu Astatke when I heard “Yegelle Tezela” on the radio. Mulatu and his band would be a joy to see live! I can’t believe I missed their gig in Helsinki two years ago!! Listen to the album version of “Yegelle Tezela” at Mulatu Astatke’s MySpace. In this video he’s performing with his band at Cargo in London just last Spring.

4. Thom Yorke: Analyze

The Prestige is one of my biggest favourites when it comes to movies from recent years. This song marks the ending of the film. It always gives me goosebups (in a good way) when I hear it. Listen to “Analyze” on Thom Yorke’s MySpace.

The Prestige

5. Ananda Project: Cascades of Colour

My undying love for deep and soulful house music is no secret. This song represents true bliss. Brings me to tears at it’s best. And although it’s not a new track, for me it became the undisputed anthem of Summer 2008. Listen to “Cascades of colour” on Ananda Project’s MySpace.

We had some computer trouble a while ago and as a result I’ve recently had to completely recreate my iTunes library. It’s been quite a bit of work but also a lot of fun, searching for my own favourites from the thousands of tracks that we have tucked away on an external hard-drive. There’s just so much great music out there in the world it’s just crazy! Sometimes I really envy the people such as deejays who are not only passionate about music but actually get paid for playing and listening to it.

I hope at least someone has enjoyed some of the music introduced in this post, but if not, that’s ok as well. Because, as we all know, it’s all a matter of taste…

P.S. Does the title of this post happen to ring a bell to anyone?

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