Ametista in Paris

A few weeks ago a friend of mine had the opportunity to make a work related trip to Paris where she was to attend a two day fashion seminar and a fabulous gala dinner party. The dresscode for the occasion was none other than the jazzy 1920s and the party was to be held at some gorgeous castle or mansion somewhere in the outskirts of Paris. What can one possibly say other than oooh la-la!!! When she approached me in order to ask for my opinion on how to accessorize her evening outfit, my imagination immediately took off. I started envisioning all these ultra chic, nonchalant figures lazily leaning against each other on the terrace of a grand palace. Moonlit night, flickering lights, cigarette smoke, jazz, cocktails…

Au Revoir 1924
George Barbier: Au Revoir 1924.

My friend was still lacking the right kind of jewellery to add sparkle to her all black evening gown. As it turned out, I had just finished a new bracelet and started working on a longer, kind of “deluxe” version of the Ametista necklace in my friends exact favourite colours, lilac & green… So, I offered to lend her a set of jewellery for her to wear at the party. I would have liked nothing better than to be able to go there myself but since that was out of the question, I thought it would be lovely if at least my jewellery could attend!

So, here’s the jewellery that got to do a bit of time travelling ♥. A short and light Ametista necklace…

Ametista necklace, light version

…worn together with the super long (about 100cm) Ametista in “absinth” necklace…

Ametista necklace in absinth

… and naturally there was also a bracelet with the appropriate tassle and bling hanging from the silver clasp.

Ametista bracelet in "absinth"

She also wore the more previously seen Dancer in “blush” earrings to complete the set. I imagine that my friend and my jewellery had a grand time indeed! I can’t wait to see the pictures!

George Barbier: La Villa d’Este 1922. Both Barbier images were found here.

5 thoughts on “Ametista in Paris

  1. Heidi says:

    Oi, kuinka kauniit korut!!

  2. Saara says:

    Luin tarinasi Suuresta käsityölehdestä ja täytyy sanoa, että todella kauniita koruja kyllä teet!

  3. sari says:

    Aivan upea yhdistelma!

  4. Kiitos teille, Heidi, Saara ja Sari! Kyllä olette herttaisia! 🙂

  5. Anni says:

    Ihania! Niin kauniin kimmeltävviä. Kivaa että tulee taas uutta! 🙂

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