Rattle and hum

I’ll just keep making different versions of the Hummingbird necklace as long as I have these little brass bird charms left. In fact this might be the last one…

Hummingbird necklace in labradorite
Hummingbird necklace in labradorite

Here’s an earlier version that has already flown away to Britain…

Hummingbird necklace (goldstone)
Hummingbird necklace in goldstone

…and another one that I called “Chanson”, now residing in Ireland. 🙂

Chanson necklace
Chanson necklace

I’m sincerely happy that at least my jewellery gets to cross waters, even continents, as recently a few pieces have travelled all the way to the U.S and even Africa! I’m just stuck here, too much other stuff going on at the moment. I’m hoping for even a tiny-mini-trip at least to Stockholm later this autumn so thumbs up! Lea needs to fly, too!

In the meantime I’m concentrating on this, among other projects…

We belong together
We belong together.

2 thoughts on “Rattle and hum

  1. Merja says:

    Kaunista näkyy olevan tulossa!

    Mun Hummingbirdistä olen saanut niin paljon kivoja kommentteja, et tiedäkään… Mutta tuo Chanson-versiokin on aivan ihana.

  2. Miira says:

    Hei, ihania koruja nämä Hummingbirdit, ja kun vähän selasin alaspäin, löysin Wood Elf -nimisen korun, joka oli myös upea! Pitänee tulla paremmalla ajalla lueskelemaan blogiasi… 🙂

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