Chega de Saudade

I’m in a state of immense melancholy. I don’t know how to get over myself just now. Blah.

Summer studio
Summer studio

Watelily earrings in green
Waterlily earrings in green


5 thoughts on “Chega de Saudade

  1. Mags says:

    Being sometimes heavy-hearted belongs to creativeness, don’t you think, Lea. Been there…
    -Try a long walk, if you haven’t done it yet!

  2. Karita says:

    Autumn tends to bring melancholy and ever darkning evening around us. Be merciful to yourself and give it the time it needs. It will go by… eventually.

  3. Oli miten vaan, multi-me eikun multi-you on ihana.

  4. Miira says:

    Mags ja Karita sen sanoivat, se kuuluu joskus syksyyn. Ja joskus melankolia tuottaa jotain hienoa… rakastan noita korviksia!

  5. jes says:

    Hey YOU! It was so good to hear from you!! I MISS you two bunches!! Dawn and Tom (and Baby Leo) came to visit last month, and Dawn and I chatted about you, wished you lived closer and can’t wait for you guys to come to NYC again!!!!!

    She filled me in on the apartment situation a little bit. So what’s the news there? I hope that has nothing to do with your melancholy 🙁

    Anyhoo Sweetie, stay well and take care of yourself. Throw yourself into creating your beautiful jewels and all will be well!!

    BIG HUGS to both of you!!!!


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