In the year 2009…

In case anyone wondered where the dickens I was hiding towards the end of last year, November to be more exact…

One magical evening
One magical evening.

Well, I was getting hitched! Although it was the tiniest possible event as neither of us is just not that into huge weddings, I realized at some point that I was simply unable to concentrate on anything else but that and the holiday in Stockholm that would follow. So it happened that I ended up taking my longest break in jewellery making to date.

My diamond
My precious. Designed by Annette Tillander who I quite adore.

Now, however, I’m busy beyond my wildest dreams when it comes to jewellery, as you’ll find out from my next post! But on some later occasion I’d like to get more into what I wore on our special day. It was my dream to wear vintage and I did manage to purchase a genuine 1920’s cocktail dress that I heartily think deserves a post of it’s own. Let’s hope for some sunshine in order for me to take nice photos of it! Stay tuned and once more, happy and inspirational New Year 2010 to all of you!

10 thoughts on “In the year 2009…

  1. Karita says:

    Congratulations!! Even though it was the tiniest event possible it sure must have been also the most memorable. I like your precious, it’s really beautiful. Annette Tillander is one of my favourites too. Have few pieces of jewellery from her as well.

  2. Kirsi says:

    Lämpimät onnittelut Lea!

  3. Heidi says:

    Oi onnea!

  4. Merja says:

    Ihanaa Lea! Oikein, oikein lämpimät onnittelurutistukset täältä!

    (minullakin on Tillanderin vihkisormus..)

  5. Kiitos teille kovasti! 🙂

  6. Onnittelut! Ihan kaikesta;-)
    Naimisiin menosta, ihanasta sormuksesta, puvusta (jonka ehdottomasti haluan nähdä!) ja sitten vielä uusimman postauksen uutinen….sulla menee nyt kovaa!!
    Paljon hyvää tuulta jatkoonkin!

  7. Päivi says:

    Oi, ihana sormus – paljon, paljon onnea!

  8. Lämpimät kiitokset, Kati ja Päivi!!

  9. Paevi says:

    Onnea onnea vielä täältäkin!
    Kuulostaa siltä, että teillä oli aivan ihana päivä.

    Ja tuo Kolme Toivomusta vaikuttaa aivan ihanalta butiikilta! Harmi kun en oikein koskaan pääse Helsinkiin käymään, sinne vaan lennetään ja vaihdetaan konetta

  10. Dawn says:

    OMG congrats to you & Pasi!

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