December 1-2-3

Late as I am always and from everything, I’ve still decided to challenge myself into posting something every day this month until Christmas. Advent calendar style!

Starting with a simple new jewellery piece , a looong necklace featuring an adorable little silver bird, faceted black agate, an aquamarine drop, classic czech glass beads and silver findings.

Liberté necklace 1
Liberté necklace

Liberté necklace detail
Life is in the details.

Having endured eight long months of renovation misery and blackness of thought, this clear aqua coloured gemstone drop represents to me a blink of light for a delicate bird, trying to find its way in the darkness. Only a couple of days after this piece was made, the scaffolding was torn down and we finally got our familiar, urban view and light back! Revealed was also a beautiful building, quite the queen of the neighbourhood in fact :). Welcome back, life!

Liberté neck 2

Happy December and see you tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “December 1-2-3

  1. Violet says:

    Yksityiskohdat, tosiaan.
    Tuo yksi erilainen tuolla välissä…justiin oikealla paikalla.

    1. Kiva että tykkäät, Violet! Pisara asettuu tosiaan nätisti, oli koru sitten kaulalla pitkänä tai kaksin kerroin. Koru oli jo melkein valmis, kun päätin, että tuo on saatava mukaan. Ei kun vaan purkamaan ja uusiksi :).

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