In my element…

… is where I have been this month, taking care of the lovely boutique, Kolme toivomusta and having my jewellery there. A huge Thank You to everyone who’s come to visit me during the last three weeks!! The last weekend of January is here and luckily I’ll be able to stretch the opening hours a little bit. In case anyone who still wants to come and didn’t get my Facebook… Read more

Fine van Brooklyn @ Kolme toivomusta

Ladies and gentlemen! This is a Very Important Announcement. The year 2010 kicks off in an exciting mode for Fine van Brooklyn. Starting on Thursday, January 7th and from then on until the end of the month, my jewellery collection is available in a “pop up shop” in Kolme toivomusta, an adorable boutique for small vintage goods and “boudoir antiques” here in Helsinki. Yours truly will also be there so… Read more

In the year 2009…

In case anyone wondered where the dickens I was hiding towards the end of last year, November to be more exact… One magical evening. Well, I was getting hitched! Although it was the tiniest possible event as neither of us is just not that into huge weddings, I realized at some point that I was simply unable to concentrate on anything else but that and the holiday in Stockholm that… Read more


Sorry for the long silence. It’s been the most unusual of Autumns. The rested and renewed version of me will return in 2010 for some serious eye-candy. Until then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to each and every one! ♥ Mata Hari

Ouverture and new moos

I made a necklace today in what I could perhaps even call my signature style. The pendant came from a single vintage earring that I grabbed at an antiques fair last summer… Ouverture necklace And my new moo cards arrived today. I can’t praise their products, prices and speedy delivery enough! One of the best services I’ve ever encountered out there! Have a great weekend!

Powder and blush

As I’ve said, I’ve been really preoccupied with my own personal little things lately and haven’t been able to come up with as much new jewellery as I’d have hoped by now, considering the coming season… A couple of sneak peeks into what I’ve been playing with, however, are here. Nothing to jump over the roof for but I really like the pale simplicity of them and especially the vintageish,… Read more

Night time studio

Since I’ve been lacking inspiration, or mainly just concentration skills lately, I’ve escaped into creating new versions of old favourites. Once the colours are chosen not much light is needed, so these are styles easily crafted even in candlelight. Night time studio My favourite swarovski shapes of all time are these royally gorgeous “baroque” drops. I’ve now made a few new pairs in two different lengths and these are the… Read more


October. The time of year when my every thought seems to turn to faraway lands. This time last year I was in Crete, the year before that In NYC. It’s time to reminisce… There’s a little shop in New York’s East Village that’s like a jewel. It’s Barbara Feinman Millinery on East 7th Street. As you can tell by the name, it’s a hat shop but there are also other… Read more

Wind in the trees on a Monday

I went for a really good run this afternoon on my usual route. The weather was perfect and there weren’t too many people jumping about. Before returning home I stopped at the little island of Tervasaari to have a stretch on the large jetty where there are tables and benches for people to use when washing their carpets.  The sun was shining in a particularly delightful manner. Before I knew… Read more

Chega de Saudade

I’m in a state of immense melancholy. I don’t know how to get over myself just now. Blah. Summer studio Waterlily earrings in green Multi-me