Many of the necklaces I made made during my holiday feature the chunky, faceted amethysts that had been haunting me since I bought just a few of them from Barcelona last year. Recently a sweet friend of mine brought me a small handful of them along with some dazzling black agates, aquamarines and exquisite, natural red cinnabar beads. What a joy it is to have friends who travel! I don’t… Read more

There and back again…

A big, huge Thank You to everyone who commented on my last post with all your well-wishing! I honestly appreciate it!! The view from my summer studio. I’m back in Helsinki and my four weeks of freedom are over, but my mind is still somewhere else. I’m posting now only to break the spell, to make it easier to return again later. But today I just don’t feel up to… Read more

That’s it

I’m off on vacation for a few weeks. Could I BE any readier to take off from Helsinki? No. Summer life awaits in the country! Le Concert au Salon Afrodite Apple Blossom Enjoy the summer! Cheers! 🙂


This is just a quick photo post, as I’ve finally managed to take some decent pictures, but the EURO2008 final (Go, Spain!!!) is starting in half an hour, so… The first set is Masquerade. Not for the faint at heart with this dramatic colour combination :)! The black agate in the bracelet has exquisite facets and shine. My friend brought me a handful of those treasures from Barcelona in April…. Read more

Nightless Night

So, I was on vacation all last week and spent most of it back home in Joensuu. Birches. We have a lot of those all around the house and down by the sauna and river. I wasn’t quite expecting the mostly cold and rainy weather conditions but this actually allowed me even more to relax and really gather some energy that I had most certainly been lacking these last few… Read more

Exercises in Yellow

Yellow is a colour towards which I’ve had some kind of love/hate relationship all my life. In nature it’s one of my favourite colours, from daffodils to sunflowers, lemons, the Sun, you name it. In clothes and interiors I’ve found yellow more difficult (i.e. slightly yucky) and have shyed away from it almost all my adult life. But in recent years yellow has slowly begun it’s journey back into my… Read more

Random bits and pieces

I really just wanted to post this image because I think it’s charming and very pretty. Old perfume ads rule! Springy, dreamy Paris… My sister just got back from a a few days in Paris and brought me a little bag of goodies, yum! Oh, had I been there too! Oh, to take a taxi to the airport and fly, fly, fly… I wish I could remember where I found… Read more


Brass filigree is something that I’ve had my eye on for quite a while. I bought a few inexpensive copper filigree findings from New York in November, that I later used for Snowflake Chandelier and Château and ever since then I’ve been wanting to make more of these slightly Tudorian inspired pieces. At long last I recently came across some very beautiful natural brass filigree that suited my purposes perfectly… Read more

I’ve been busy…

I’ve been preparing a longer spring-post but need to get some old photos scanned before it’s finished. In the meantime, here are some pictures of my latest jewellery creations that I’ve already had on Flickr for some time but haven’t yet managed to display here. Time flies and so do the jewellery as almost all of these already have new owners! I hope you enjoy your jewellery, dear ladies! In… Read more

Holiday happiness

Finally on holiday! Free all week and most of next week as well! Yeay! I’ll be heading for the snowy landscapes of the country very soon but before I do, I’ll post a few pictures in order to keep up with what I promised myself about blogging… A friend of mine recently went to Paris and had stumbled across a lovely bead store just two minutes before closing time. She… Read more