Hello, again! Just making a bit of a personal record here, three posts in two days! Illness seems to be a blog-friendly state. I’m better now though and will be returning to work tomorrow… At first I thought Vilma Banky, “The Hugarian Rhapsody” is holding a compact but no, it’s a rose… That postcard was found in Porvoo already last summer but the vintage, 1940’s roses that hang from the… Read more

Glittering darkness

I haven’t posted pictures of my treasured vintage postcards for a while, so here’s one that has been a bit of an inspiration recently. Priscilla Dean Another captivating gaze of a girl from the silent movie era. That velvety outfit looks so luxurious! I wonder what colour it was… Last month my friend asked me to create a necklace to go with her midnight blue party dress. She wanted something… Read more

Seven things

I’m embarrassed to admit that I was tagged for this by Rani in May, already! Then again, I didn’t get much blogging done during the summer anyway, so I decided that this tag is a good way to start a new season. I have all the time in the world now that I have the flu and have to stay indoors. Sorry, Rani, that it took so long! Here goes…… Read more

Flow 07

For the last four summers, I have spent the last weekend of my summer holiday at this festival. It’s the only fesival in Finland that every year offers a line-up to make me swoon! This year the festival was held at a new location that was simply perfect for an urban, musical gathering. The old Suvilahti power plant, the buildings of which date back almost a hundred years is located… Read more

Washed ashore

Here’s another peek at what I was up to in the country. “Washed ashore” earrings and bracelet. Personally, I must say I really like these… Freshwater pearls, chalk turquoise, amazonite, jasper, goldstone and silver combo… Vintage sheet music at the background, as usual. This blue beauty is from 1929.

Exercises in pink

After two weeks in the country I have now been back in Helsinki for a week. The peaceful country living was such an energy boost that I’ve decided to go back soon for one more week as my summer holiday is now continuing. During our time in Joensuu we had no internet access and maybe looked at our phones once a day. It felt so good to be disconnected for… Read more


I’ll be off for a bit. Finally starting my summer vacation and going home to the country. Leaving you with one of my favourite artists of all time… Marc Chagall: Anniversaire (1915) …and some jewellery to match. “Rose Sauvage” bracelet and earrings Have a lovely summer weekend and see you soon! 🙂

Tree house

There was a story about these houses on tv just a few hours ago. Check out La Cabane Perchée, the wonderful company of Alain Laurens. And, attention: not a single nail is hit on the “mother tree” during the process of building a cabin like this! Oh, dear, this must be the dreamiest thing I have come across in a long time… In my tree house there would, among other… Read more

Night sky

Well, it’s 2 a.m. I’m obviously teasing myself. I’m going to feel like #!%?!!#’* in the morning but I just can’t be bothered to go to bed yet. I’ve been doing an inventory on my jewellery materials and dreaming up new pieces. I need clasps, jumprings and wire, otherwise I’m good for now, I suppose. I’ve always wanted to post this weird and funny image. Now it kind of suits… Read more

Sea & Sun

I picked up this large and lovely turquoise bead and the sunny citrines (aren’t they just like drops of honey?) in Barcelona. The pretty silver bead and clasp are from Buenos Aires and the amazonites from Helsinki. I think this one is for keeps… It’s a gorgeous summer day so I don’t have the patience for a longer post but I will mention these amazing new websites: the lovely and… Read more