Dec 12/Tee und Tanz

Javanese earrings Scent of Summer bracelet Cover detail from some German vintage sheet music “Tee und Tanz”.

Dec 10/Citrus!

An orange per day keeps the winter bugs away. Yellow Berries earrings. Just what the doctor ordered for winter!

Bright Star

Tonight I’m going out for some tapas with the girls after work. There’s supposed to be quite a blizzard (again) right about that time so I hope to make it through the city in one piece and without any broken ankles. One participant might be wearing this, Bright Star. Only a few weeks old and already been to Paris with her as well. Lucky bracelet! Bright Star bracelet

1865, 1980, 2010

Finnish composer Jean Sibelius was born 145 years ago today. From this year on December 8th is a national flag day. I think it’s well deserved. Sibelius’ violin concerto has me in tears every time at a certain point. John Lennon was shot to death by a sick lunatic in New York 30 years ago today. I remember that day. I was six years old. My elder sister sat in… Read more

Dec 7

With almost half a meter of snow outside my window and no sun in the sky, I want to remember the lighter and brighter days of Spring and Summer. Going for a new pair of the Days of Gold earrings and a bracelet to match… Days of Gold earrings Days of Gold bracelet

6.12.10. Cheers, Finland!

These amazing glass crystal beads were found from a wonderful vintage store in Stockholm last month. I just happened to notice that there was something glittering in a ceramic bowl, almost hidden away at the back of a shelf. I pulled the bowl forward and immediately fell in love with the colour and cut of these vintage crystals that had been rescued from a broken necklace. Belle of the Ball… Read more

Dec 5

Why so serious? Let’s take it easy with playful, quirky and colourful Carnivale. This is version 2. Carnivale 2 bracelet Carnivale 2 bracelet And tomorrow we go vintage!

December 1-2-3

Late as I am always and from everything, I’ve still decided to challenge myself into posting something every day this month until Christmas. Advent calendar style! Starting with a simple new jewellery piece , a looong necklace featuring an adorable little silver bird, faceted black agate, an aquamarine drop, classic czech glass beads and silver findings. Liberté necklace Life is in the details. Having endured eight long months of renovation… Read more


…is not a crowd in simple, long earrings. Good chance for a bit of “colour-hifi” as well. Lavande long earrings Lavande medium earrings Mosaic earrings


Something a little more playful with cloisonne, carnelian, aquamarine, new jade, amethyst, smoky quartz, honey jade, aventurine, porcelain… Smile earrings Carnivale bracelet. Another view here.