A fairly luscious dose of gems and silver here with stunning filigree, faceted black agates, almost heart-shaped, blood red garnets and those familiar aquamarine drops, this time in light aqua and kind of eggshell blue & white. The earrings are super long but still very lightweight. They feature white aquamarines. Tudor earrings Tudor bracelet. Detail views here and here.

Fairy dust

More aquamarine teardrops and a handful of light green… Anemone earrings Anemone necklace Almost Autumn bracelet Almost Autumn necklace

La Douce Vie

If the chain on this bracelet looks familiar, you’ve been watching this old post closely. The light and airy silver bracelet, however plain, had somehow caught my eye at the time, but I wasn’t inspired to work on it until over a year later. I started by replacing the small and ordinary clasp with something more interesting (and also to add length to the 16cm chain) and then added a… Read more


Hey, you! Muse necklace. Also here.

Summer Evening

This happens rarely. Due to one of my latest colour obsessions (green/black/pearl grey) and the relaxing atmosphere of the studio, I’ve actually managed to concentrate enough in order to create a whole series of pieces under the same name! Introducing Summer Evening… Earrings in green Short necklace 2-string bracelet Earrings in grey 4-string bracelet. Another view here. Long necklace+detachable dragonfly charm. Detail views here, here and here. Have a lovely… Read more

Nights of Azure

Recently I’ve had this longing to mix together the rough and the smooth. The sheer, almost annoying perfection and dazzle of the identically cut Swarovski crystals, combined with the matt, uneven, scruffy and adorably unique natural stones… Nights of Azure earrings Nights of Azure bracelet. Another view here.

Ouverture and new moos

I made a necklace today in what I could perhaps even call my signature style. The pendant came from a single vintage earring that I grabbed at an antiques fair last summer… Ouverture necklace And my new moo cards arrived today. I can’t praise their products, prices and speedy delivery enough! One of the best services I’ve ever encountered out there! Have a great weekend!

Powder and blush

As I’ve said, I’ve been really preoccupied with my own personal little things lately and haven’t been able to come up with as much new jewellery as I’d have hoped by now, considering the coming season… A couple of sneak peeks into what I’ve been playing with, however, are here. Nothing to jump over the roof for but I really like the pale simplicity of them and especially the vintageish,… Read more

Night time studio

Since I’ve been lacking inspiration, or mainly just concentration skills lately, I’ve escaped into creating new versions of old favourites. Once the colours are chosen not much light is needed, so these are styles easily crafted even in candlelight. Night time studio My favourite swarovski shapes of all time are these royally gorgeous “baroque” drops. I’ve now made a few new pairs in two different lengths and these are the… Read more


October. The time of year when my every thought seems to turn to faraway lands. This time last year I was in Crete, the year before that In NYC. It’s time to reminisce… There’s a little shop in New York’s East Village that’s like a jewel. It’s Barbara Feinman Millinery on East 7th Street. As you can tell by the name, it’s a hat shop but there are also other… Read more