Wind in the trees on a Monday

I went for a really good run this afternoon on my usual route. The weather was perfect and there weren’t too many people jumping about. Before returning home I stopped at the little island of Tervasaari to have a stretch on the large jetty where there are tables and benches for people to use when washing their carpets.  The sun was shining in a particularly delightful manner. Before I knew… Read more

Chega de Saudade

I’m in a state of immense melancholy. I don’t know how to get over myself just now. Blah. Summer studio Waterlily earrings in green Multi-me

Rattle and hum

I’ll just keep making different versions of the Hummingbird necklace as long as I have these little brass bird charms left. In fact this might be the last one… Hummingbird necklace in labradorite Here’s an earlier version that has already flown away to Britain… Hummingbird necklace in goldstone …and another one that I called “Chanson”, now residing in Ireland. 🙂 Chanson necklace I’m sincerely happy that at least my jewellery… Read more

Darling Street

When our summer holiday started in mid-July, the first thing we did was pack our bags and head west to our friends’ summer cottage in Kemiönsaari. In many ways it was a bit like going abroad. Neither of us had ever visited the archipelago before so we didn’t quite know what to expect. Also, in those parts you’re much more likely to hear people speaking Swedish than Finnish :). Windmill… Read more

Meet the Bohemian Royalty

A splash of colour not for the faint at heart. 🙂 Bohemian Royalty earrings Bohemian Royalty bracelet

Edition Carelius

It’ s been a while, I know. Sorry for the long silence! But I have a good excuse. I’ve been on holiday for the last five weeks during which I seriously haven’t cared less about the internet. I haven’t been reading blogs or browsing websites and I’ve hardly even kept up with the news. I’ve just lazily checked my e-mail and Facebook every other day and I must say that… Read more


The sun has been shining so generously during the last few days that even this pale girl has developped a slight tan. My head is swirling with ideas but it’s simply impossible to stay indoors and sit down to work on them! Trees providing a merciful shade in Suomenlinna on a hot day… I’ve packed some random materials in a bag and set up a temporary “sweatshop” in the backyard… Read more


The memories of Crete were the inspiration for this bracelet. *Sigh…* Aegea bracelet Greetings from thundering Helsinki.

Tender is the Night

The Night necklace also makes a return in a slightly new version and with a set of simple and elegant drop earrings to match. Night necklace Night earrings I love cole Porter. (How could I not?) And I must admit I’d take any of those gowns the ladies are wearing…