Renaissance Beauties

Towards the end of the Summer I received an exciting comission from the Finnish National Gallery. I was kindly asked to create a jewellery series in the spirit of an upcoming exhibition at Sinebrychoff Art Museum in Helsinki! I immediately said yes because these are the types of projects and collaborations that infinitely inspire me. Lucas Cranach the Elder: Portrait of a young woman, 1525. Finnish National Gallery | Sinebrychoff… Read more


Photo: Tiina Karhula. Model: Johanna. I think I’m not the only one who can’t help but feel like a dark abyss is upon us this time of the year. November is one mean bugger. In fact, November calls for the help of a totem animal, preferably a live one but wearing its’ image is also a surprising solace. I personally wear mainly my Birds of Peace / Paradise Garden earrings… Read more

Pompadour & Co.

On my trip to the French Côte d’Azur in May, I found a just a few almost ridiculously romantic vintage bits from the back corner of a ridiculously fascinating antique shop in Menton, including for example some 1920s murano glass and tiny, just half a millimeter steel beads that were widely used back in the day in beaded embellishments. I cleaned and saved every single dusty mini bit that I… Read more

Summer pop up and greetings from France!

Dear friends! Next Wednesday July 5th marks the day of the Fine van Brooklin Summer pop up “KESÄPOPPIS”. The doors in Punavuorenkatu 7 in Helsinki are open for everybody from 3 to 8pm that day at the shared atelier and showroom of Fine van Brooklin and Miia Magia Design. It will be a treat for jewellery lovers with special promotions and a bubbly atmosphere, and we would love to see… Read more

Fine Friend

Thank You for being a friend! Your friendly discount code for Fine van Brooklin jewellery is here. Use code FINEFRIEND15 at checkout to receive 15% off your entire purchase at the Fine van Brooklin Etsy shop between February 13th to 19th 2017. Enjoy!  

Fine van Brooklin atelier boutique!

Welcome to my atelier at Punavuorenkatu 7 on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd June from 3pm to 7pm to check out the Fine van Brooklin Spring&Summer jewellery in person! On display is a luscious selection of my “Against all odds, the future is golden” S/S16 series, as well as many well loved classics. No appointment needed, just show up as you are :). I will treat you with little refreshments… Read more

Oh, happy day!

Last Summer I had the pleasure of helping a lovely young bride create a dreamy outfit for her wedding. She was so happy with the jewellery I made her that she was kind enough let me show some pictures to all of you. Thank you so much, dear Marine! I used to have a light green multistrand bracelet called No Wall Flower in my collection, and it had caught Marine’s… Read more

A Dreamer’s Song to Life

When did you last have a dream where you were able to fly? Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about a wonderful dream I had 2-3 years ago. I was flying above a small mediaeval village, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, observing the little stony streets, alleyways and squares below me. At last I landed on the roof of a house to admire the… Read more

J a n u a r y…

Aaargh, January is sooo long. I’m sadly not a winter person at all and have been feeling quite discouraged on all levels during the last few weeks. With a lump in my throat I went to my studio this afternoon, once again quite certain about the fact that I would yet again just stare at the table. But I suppose I’ve done enough of staring and fiddling with my beads,… Read more

The Best

Of course I’ve always known it, but during the last few weeks I’ve really come to the very clear and pleasant realisation that Fine van Brooklin fans and customers truly are THE BEST in the known universe and beyond. Really. You are SO nice. Theeeee bestest of the best. Just so you know. T h a n k  Y o u. <3 And this blog shall be revived even if… Read more