So, I’ve finally started my very own blog! Wow, I’m still a bit confused! I must say, I had some serious doubts about this…

First of all, I’m rather useless with computers, so it took a while to find a place where blogging is as easy as here at WordPress. Also, for a long time I felt that keeping a journal online was quite absurd. Writing down my thoughts and feelings has always been extremely important to me but I couldn’t imagine typing something as private as that for all the world to see. The blogs that I had browsed through were either extremely dull or on the other hand so open and straightforward that it was almost shocking. I just didn’t want to know! I was quite certain that blogging just wasn’t for me.

But then my fabulous boyfriend introduced me to a part of the blogosphere that I hadn’t run into before. Journals full of beautiful pictures and music, people from all over the world with amazing taste and creative talent. Nothing dull or shocking about that! I found myself overwhelmed with inspiration, going through countless lists of links and Flickr albums and finally sighing: “I wish I could have something at least remotely like that…” I’ve already said this to Kathleen and Hope, but Thank You again! It all started with you. There’s still a lot that I would like to do, like changing the overall look of this blog into something a bit more original, but at least I finally got things started.

My trip to New York last October was the final deciding factor. That city filled me with so much creative inspiration that I had to start doing something, even if it was just for myself. Although I’ve never studied art, creating little pretty things with my own hands has simply made me happy. As jewellery is a part of fashion that I’m quite passionate about, I’ve now slowly started to experiment on the subject of creating some jewellery of my own. We’ll see what happens with that, as I don’t know many people who get bored as easily as I do! But there are some things that keep me interested year after year. With that said, I think that I shall dedicate this blog to “The Things That Don’t Bore Me”!

The name of my blog, Fine Van Brooklyn, comes from the name of a novel written by my favourite author of all time, Mika Waltari (1908-1979). The story takes place in Carnac, a small town in Bretagne, France. Towards the end of my one year stay in Poitiers 1993-94, we made a trip to Bretagne with some friends and among many other places, visited the famous monuments mégalithiques in Carnac.

Besides my efforts to one day own the whole collection of Waltari’s books, I also try to find first edition copies of them. “Fine Van Brooklyn” was given to me as a gift, a beautiful first edition in paperback from 1943.

That’s about it for my first written post ever. Yesterday’s post only consists of a picture (some of my favourite jewellery, most certainly not made by me!) and a video from Bebel Gilberto, a fabulous brazilian singer. The cool remix of the song ‘Winter’ was created by our very own Nuspirit Helsinki here in Finland!

p.s. I still keep a private journal that I like to write with a nice pen on some good paper, in a notebook that has a beautiful cover. That’s for my inner thoughts that have to be written down in finnish.

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  1. I completely agree with you about blogging – some can be so intense and personal!
    I really wondered and still do if I have it in me. . . I adore your mindframe about it and also the earrings that you made! Those are fabulous!! Looking forward to seeing more. . . »»-(¯`v´¯)–»

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