Summer colours

Someone will receive these earrings as a gift tomorrow on her 30th birthday… I hope she will like them!!! Made with silver wire, chalk turquoise and czech crystal beads, this style is really simple but I like these fresh colours very much.

And here they are wrapped and ready. I love to wrap things! The photo is what it is… Seems like our kitchen table serves as background for most of my desperate attempts to take pictures!

By the way, just in case someone hasn't visited Le Jardin de Miss Clara yet, please do! Her website is pure magic. I downloaded this wonderful wallpaper from her some time ago.

3 thoughts on “Summer colours

  1. jes says:

    First i just have to tell you that those earrings are wonderful!

    And Miss Clara….oh me oh my, how fantastic is her work? And THAT SITE! Thanks for the inspiring link.

  2. Beautiful earrings and I love the way you wrapped them!

  3. Romina says:

    i can’t believe that’s the packaging of your jewelry….. it is SO sweet !!!!
    i’m loving you here!!!

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