Waiting for inspiration

I had sworn to myself that I would try to blog at least every 7-10 days but looks like these kind of things can't be decided. Summer is here and it's hard to stay put. I'm anxiously waiting for Midsummer weekend (23rd to 25th of this month), as we'll be taking a mini vacation in my hometown of Joensuu then. Getting together with my family, home cooking and sauna awaits, ah!

I've started a few jewellery projects but haven't finished or photographed anything yet. I'm restless, it's hard to concentrate and I'm not having any good enough ideas. I also ordered some materials from Fusionbeads and Fire Mountain Gems, which means that I'm not looking forward to my credit card bill. If anyone knows of an online beadstore in Europe that has a good selection, please let me know! I hate that I have to pay customs and huge shipping charges when ordering from the U.S.

Heads up!! The full program of the Flow06 festival in Helsinki is out! That weekend in August will be a fantastic way to end my four weeks of summer holidays this year. I already got my ticket today! Just can't miss it.

3 thoughts on “Waiting for inspiration

  1. aura says:

    Have you checked http://www.sayila.nl? Good selection & fair prices.

  2. Thanks, Aura! I’ll take a look.

  3. I know what you mean! Summer is not made for blogging. . .oh well we will all make up for it in the winter! Xo

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