Black & white magic

Sticking to the melon theme, here’s Jane Fonda having a bite in 1966.
Jane Fonda
I just love black&white photographs like these. What do you suppose the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor with her amazing jewels is whispering to Richard burton?..
Liz & Richard
Here’s one more fun pic, more loveliness by Claude Azoulay can be found here.
Robert Redford

2 thoughts on “Black & white magic

  1. jes says:

    OK…I was about to make a comment on Jane and all of her lovliness and how I love old Jane Fonda movies and blah, blah, blah….that was until I saw Robert Redford…..

    *sigh*….sweet, sweet Robert Redford…..

  2. What amazing photos – black and white photos are just so rich looking. The blacks and white in them are just so velvety looking. Gorgeous!

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