Back again

Gosh, I’ve been away for a whole month! It feels difficult to return to blogging after such a long silence, even though I really want to! I’ve been reading through other people’s blogs for the past few days and it’s been very entertaining! It’s such a joy to see the wonderful things that people have created and the witty texts they’ve written. I’ve also made fantastic Flickr discoveries, including this heavenly stream of pictures just to make my day…

The reasons for my long break from the blog world are simple. The infuriating one is the computer trouble I’ve been having recently but the really nice reason is that we were up and away in Joensuu for the last two weeks chez my lovely parents, where I had no access to the internet whatsoever. There I concentrated on relaxing country living which included sauna, swimming, sleeping, jewellery making, picnic on an island at the lake, listening to the birch trees hovering in the wind, having breakfast on the veranda, admiring the swallows’ flying skills across the clear blue sky, beginning to create the interior to the little guest-house my dad just finished building,

Not quite finished here...

eating berries from the bushes in our back garden at night, following with laughter the trials and tribulations of our poor dog who is a fierce hunter but who just couldn’t get his paws on the little, cute hedgehogs tip-toeing across the lawn…

Kingi kesä 2006

Now I’m back in Helsinki, and back at work for a few days (eek!), but then my summer holiday continues for another two weeks and four days! Yeay!


I’ll show some modest, new jewellery in my next post, hopefully tomorrow…

P.S. All photos by my dearest.

One thought on “Back again

  1. jes says:

    Looks like such a lovely place…so dreamy. There is nothing wrong with NO INTERNET access….it’s good to take a break from cyber world…especially if you are a creative soul!

    I love watching the swallows fly over the water in groups while I’m kayaking…they are catching bugs and chirping away…they are the sweeetest!

    Tell your “dearest” that my blog is worth $15,242.58!!! hehe.

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