Baroque, snow etc.

Well, well, well. The winter is here!! It started snowing already last week but this morning’s blizzard made it quite clear that the Autumn has been cut short. Everything is covered in white. I’m not sure if I like this at all. I’ll decide later.

Today I’ve stayed inside all day doing housework and sitting at the computer, arranging photos, updating Flickr, reading blogs, surfing. I’m listening to Radio Nova Paris all the time. The music is exactly what I need now, diverse and interesting. I had to order Bonobo‘s album “Days To Come” from because I’ve heard their tracks on Nova so many times and fallen in love. Highly recommended!
I’ve also made some jewellery today, mainly earrings. Matching bracelets or necklaces are on their way as are more photos once I have enough daylight to take photographs. Today was impossible.

Earrings photographed on sheet music “Der Letzte Walzer” from 1920.

I’ve always had mixed feelings about Swarovski crystals. Although they are quite dazzling in their beauty and extremely good quality, in my eyes they have at the same time been “too perfect” and a little cold in appearance. What comes to me as a jewellery maker, I’m far from the perfection of Swarovski’s sharper that sharp facets and shades so I haven’t felt like those crystals are “me”. Instead I have preferred Czech firepolished glass beads for their soft colors and more “vintage” feel that inevitably comes along with them, especially with the two-tone colours. However, when I saw these baroque style Swarovski drops, my heart melted. I quite simply adore these crystals! In the pictured earrings I’ve teamed them up with slightly irregular red garnet (one of my absolute favourite semi-precious stones) disc beads. That’s “me”.

And lastly, I finished this light and whimsy “Deux Contrastes” set (name easily inspired by the featured sheet music from 1899) with snow quartz and those same garnets and a few czech glass beads…

Yeah, Christmas is coming! For more photos, see here and have a fab week!! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Baroque, snow etc.

  1. You are a natural stylist! Perfect layouts!! Do you do this professionally?

  2. violet says:

    I agree…
    Again so beautifull things for eyes.
    I share your problem of not having enough the daylight.
    Today I wanted to make some photos of my latest work – but I was about 2 hours late. Too dark!

  3. mags says:

    Red and white… Stunning! I like your stylish photos and the way they compliment your personal jewelry!

  4. jes says:

    OH you are right!!! Those tear drops are really quilte lovely aren’t they?? Not cold at all…but warm and beautiful!

    seeeeee….everyone loves how you photograph your jewelry…you really are such a talent!


  5. Romina says:

    Hey! I can perfectly imagine you in that snowy day creating your beautiful pieces. I love your style and the ideas behind it 🙂

    Now, come back girl!!!!!
    What you’ve been up to???
    We miss you! Hope everything is well.


  6. Romina says:

    It snowed yesterday!!!! Freeeeeeeeeeezing! Bloody freezing!


  7. kathleen says:

    Those blue Swarovski drops are gorgeous, I love how you paired them with the red garnet.
    I adore your photographs too, those backdrops are beautiful!

  8. I love – adore – am just so flippin’ fond of the way you did the pictures – amazing!! They are all gorgeous – those second earrings are insane! I don’t even know what to say they are so beautiful!! Sigh. . .oh and also dang so perfect!

  9. violet says:

    Heeei..!! Ei mitään yli kuukauteen;-)!

  10. Thanks so much for all your fantastic comments!! I’m sorry for the long silence since this last post, I’ll try to come up with something as soon as possible. 🙂

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