Champagne and crystals

Sometimes a piece of jewellery comes together almost by itself. I’ve had these beautiful Swarovski baroque style drops since the autumn when I made earrings from those same components in red, brown and turquoise combined with garnet gemstones.

Baroque in champagne
Baroque in champagne.

A strand of these champagne coloured citrines came home with me from Barcelona and they were just dying to get together with the clear crystals. It’s not brain surgery to come up with earrings like this. But even if I say it myself, they are quite lovely. There’s something very festive but also a little ghostly about them…


George Barbier image from here. See it in the large size, it’s beautiful!

10 thoughts on “Champagne and crystals

  1. Pape says:

    Todella lovely.

  2. JO TOURTIT says:

    Vos colliers sont magnifiques et ces boucles d’une extrême finesse ! J’ai lu chez PAT DE VERRE qui est une copine, que vous rêvez de venir sur la Côte d’Azur : je vous invite sur mon blog où vous trouverez toute la Provence et son soleil. A bientôt peut être ?

  3. violet says:

    Joskus kyllä yksinkertaisin on paras. Hyvin juhlavat.

  4. jes says:

    OH…those 2 beads WERE just dying to be together!!!!!

    How are you Dear heart? I’ve been good, but busy! I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately, but I know it will pass. AND I’m on vaca next week!! Woo~Hoo!

    What does “todella” mean???

    miss you! xoxoxxo

  5. Tiina says:

    Oh, kuinka kaunista! Juhlavaa!

  6. Julia says:

    Wow! So many beautiful pieces again! I just love the first bracelet in your previous post. And all the necklaces too! ;D

    P.S. “Todella” means really. 🙂

  7. Pikku Sue says:

    Kauniit! Ihana myös tuo Barbier. Lainasin linkin omaankin blogiini.

  8. Thank You dear, dear girls for this amazing tide of comments! Merci beaucoup, je vous adore!!

    Jes, as Julia kindly said already, “todella” means “really” in finnish. I’ve been good as well but really busy. 🙂 Yeay for your vacation!!

  9. Regina Rose says:

    I love to see other jewelry artist’s work. You have a great eye for color and combinations. Swarovski is always beautiful too. It is also fun to visit the rest of the world. My best from New York City.

  10. Mönki says:

    Sinulla on kyllä aivan mahtava värisilmä!
    Ihanoita koruja olet tehnyt!

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