Tree house

There was a story about these houses on tv just a few hours ago. Check out La Cabane Perchée, the wonderful company of Alain Laurens. And, attention: not a single nail is hit on the “mother tree” during the process of building a cabin like this! Oh, dear, this must be the dreamiest thing I have come across in a long time…

In my tree house there would, among other things, be a tiny vintage desk with many little drawers, corners and nooks for beads and tools. Now that would be some studio space!! Bedlinen in white, egyptian cotton and hand-embroidered pillow covers… Oh, I could go on and on!

Secret garden earrings

I would, of course, wear my “Secret Garden” earrings. :)!

3 thoughts on “Tree house

  1. Mags says:

    Oh, what a dream-house, yes!
    -Like a dream also, your ear-rings…

  2. violet says:

    Olen nähnyt moneen kertaan ohjelmia ja pikku pätkiä noiden mökkien valmistajasta – ja siis tietysti itse mökeistä. Ne ovat todella hurmaavia, ei siitä mihinkään pääse.
    Siellä sitten istuisi, kaukana pahasta maailmasta….

  3. Marjorie Ann says:

    oh my..totally agree, having a tree-house it’s like a dream.

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