Winter chill

Tuesday was a cold, cold day. When I woke up, I felt a chill despite the two blankets in which I had wrapped myself. I got up and put on several layers of flannel and wool. After a steaming bowl of café au lait and a stack of toast I was feeling better for a while, but soon I felt a coldness in my bones again. That’s when I went to feel the radiators. Cold. How about the water from the tap? Cold. Knowing I would have to wash up at some point to get ready for work, I started to feel nervous. The thought of not being able to get my daily long, hot shower wasn’t a welcome one.

Chocolat Luna
Beautiful poster by Rafael de Penagos. Picture originally from here.

The hours passed. No change in water conditions. We had the same situation a couple of weeks back (they’re doing some sort of electrical work in the neighbourhood) but had been informed of it early enough. This time there had been no warning. I hate when that happens!

So, I had to wash up with cold water, then walk to work in the cold wind and rain. At work there was a draught like you wouldn’t believe so I remained in goosebumps all through the evening. Returing home later I realized, only a few meters from our front gate, that I had forgotten my work-keys to the changing room! Holy crap! I had to return back to find them. (Those keys mustn’t get stolen or else I get to pay for a new set.) When I finally got back home my teeth were almost rattling. Luckily the warmth of the radiators had returned and now there was hot water too, but it took several hours, my late grandmother’s wool shawl wrapped around my hips, two pairs of knee-high socks and about half a liter of hot apple juice with a touch of rum, to restart my blood circulation. I had caught enough cold, though, and have been feverishly blowing my nose since yesterday morning. That’s just great, having scaresly recovered from last week’s light flu…

No wonder my thoughs keep turning to hot sands and sunsets on a desert island

Negrita. Le Rhum.
Image originally found here.

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