The sun has been shining so generously during the last few days that even this pale girl has developped a slight tan. My head is swirling with ideas but it’s simply impossible to stay indoors and sit down to work on them!

Trees in Suomenlinna
Trees providing a merciful shade in Suomenlinna on a hot day…

I’ve packed some random materials in a bag and set up a temporary “sweatshop” in the backyard of our building or out on the lawn in some park a few times but in result I now have an even messier working space at home than it ever used to be. This means I just end up pulling my hair whatever I do. Well, something is always in the works and even manages to get photographed if luck strikes…

Introducing Mermaid´s serene country relative Wood Elf, featuring delicious smoky quartz and chrysokolla beads and those delicate keshi pearls.

Wood elf bracelet
Wood Elf bracelet

The earring design familiar from Waterlilies gets a fresh new look in Sunkissed with faceted smoky quartz ovals and pale rose pearls.

Sunkissed earrings
Sunkissed earrings

And here’s My Lady in emperor’s new colour tones, pale yellow (jade?) and the mysterious, smoky shades of brown and grey. (Oh, the heavenly varieties of the aquamarine gemstone!) A bracelet to match is coming soon, i hope…

My Lady earrings in antiqua
My Lady earrings in antiqua

3 thoughts on “Sunkissed

  1. Amalia says:

    Käsityökerholehden jutun perusteella suunnistin tänne. Sulla on hienoja ja persoonallisia koruja.

    1. Kiitokset, Amalia!

  2. Merja says:

    Ihania uusia Lea! Laitoin sulle mailia.

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