Edition Carelius

It’ s been a while, I know. Sorry for the long silence! But I have a good excuse. I’ve been on holiday for the last five weeks during which I seriously haven’t cared less about the internet. I haven’t been reading blogs or browsing websites and I’ve hardly even kept up with the news. I’ve just lazily checked my e-mail and Facebook every other day and I must say that this break was more than welcome.

At lake Höytiäinen a couple of weeks ago.

I am well and truly relaxed. I actually feel a bit younger :)! I’ve been outdoors as much as possible, swimming, sunbathing, having saunas every evening, running, eating fresh food, watching late night movies, admiring the full moon… It’s been the perfect summer-mix! And I’ve slept so, so well! We got back to Helsinki last Thursday, spent the weekend partying at Flow09 and today is my last day off until I return to work. And as always, I couldn’t be happier and more relieved that it’s just a part-time thing!

Edition Carelius

Since most of our holiday was spent in my childhood home in North Carelia, it’s only fitting that this post should be called Edition Carelius, a title that I spotted in one of my latest vintage sheet music finds. I’ve been making quite a bit of jewellery during the last few weeks as the working conditions in my country hideaway were absolutely fantastic. I’m already missing the freedom so much! Being able to work until the small hours, listening to music as loud as I wanted while at it, with no neighbours hearing or getting disturbed… It was sooo great!

Bahia necklace
Bahia necklace

The next few posts will be about digging into what I’ve come up with jewellery-wise, plus bits and pieces of some favourite holiday memories. In jewellery I’ve been mixing colours quite shamelessly. These are just the type of combinations that will bring out that sunny glow on your skin a couple of months before we dwellers of the north become all white-washed ghosts again. I’m working on wearables for that season too, but for now we’ll continue to enjoy what’s left of summer…

Bahia earrings
Bahia earrings

The Bahia series consists of a bracelet, a pair of earrings and two different necklaces.

Bahia bracelet
Bahia bracelet

They can all be worn together for a truly maximum bohemian effect, or individually for more toned down elegance. 🙂

Bahia light necklace
Bahia light necklace

So, here’s a start and I promise to be back very soon!

Lär mig, du skog
“Lär mig, du skog” is Swedish for “teach me, you forest”. I was surrounded with birches and pine trees for weeks so this fits like a glove…

7 thoughts on “Edition Carelius

  1. I am happy to hear that you had a relaxing and lovely holiday! But I have to say that from a completely selfish point of view am even happier that you are back.

    You must understand that you have a responsibility of us gem-a-holics. You can´t leave us without our regular fix for too long! 😀

    Seriously, jewellery, and post, are lovely, as always!

  2. Anu says:

    Yay, you’re back! Love the jewellery as always, very chic, bohemian and fresh 🙂

  3. Anni says:

    Vau mitä koruja! Mulla on jäänyt koruilut valokuvauksen takia kokonaan pois, mutta kun näitä kuvia katsoo, muistaa taas miten kivaa niitä oli tehdä… 🙂

  4. Thanks girls, loving to hear from you!!

  5. Karita says:

    Olen varsin tuore blogin pitäjä ja olen kerrassaan ihastunut muutamiin sivustoihin kuten Liivian talossa, piilomaja ja rajamäen rykmentti. Liivian sivuilta löysin myös sinun blogin ja tykästyin siihen heti. Mukavia tekstejä ja kauniita kuvia!! Onko muuten mahdollista ostaa tekemiäsi koruja? Tuo Bahia-korusarja on kaunis!

  6. Mags says:

    Hello 😀 Great to see you again!
    And what lovelies you bring to us – your colour-mix is very pleasing to eye!

  7. Kiitokset, Karita ja Mags! 🙂

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