Darling Street

When our summer holiday started in mid-July, the first thing we did was pack our bags and head west to our friends’ summer cottage in Kemiönsaari. In many ways it was a bit like going abroad. Neither of us had ever visited the archipelago before so we didn’t quite know what to expect. Also, in those parts you’re much more likely to hear people speaking Swedish than Finnish :).

Windmill at Söderlångvik estate
Windmill at Söderlångvik estate in Dragsfjärd

Those three days spent in Kemiönsaari were a fabulous start to our long holiday. The change of scenery brought us in instant vacation-mode (much needed and well deserved) and what’s best, we got to spend time with some dear friends we hadn’t seen for a while. We drove around the island, did some delightful sightseeing, were inspired by the beautiful countryside and had excellent food.

Path to the cottage
Path to the cottage. Full set of photos here.

Our friends are currently spending almost all their spare time in Kemiönsaari since they’re renovating a house and a small cottage there in the tiny village of Kulla. When our friends bought the place three years ago, both buildings were in a state of utter despair with leaking roofs, collapsed floors, you name it. The estate agent had actually said that the cottage was hopelessly beyond repair.


Well, people who are passionate and dedicated to their cause can work wonders. The little cottage is now almost finished from the inside and it has been cared for and decorated with the utmost respect to its long history. The bigger house is also in the stage where paints and wallpapers are being chosen and next Christmas will most likely be spent there.

Ken kiuruista kaunein
Gorgeous wallpaper

I adore my friends’ taste. Their choice of colours, wallpapers, furniture, little lamps, pots and cups. So relaxed and inviting. I immediately felt like home there, it was as if I had stepped inside my own mind.

Lamp and wallpaper
Loving the lamp and wallpaper to bits!

After visiting such an adorable place I was in a very flowery state of mind. This inspired the sweet and simple Delish series, one that’s most likely to be continued at some point as well…

Delish bracelet
Delish bracelet

Delish earrings in lilac
Delish earrings in lilac

Delish earrings in red agate
Delish earrings in red agate

4 thoughts on “Darling Street

  1. Mags says:

    What a lovely cottage and surroundings 🙂 Love that lamp and wallpaper in teal colour!
    Your bracelet catches the ambience enormously well <3

  2. Thank you, Mags dear!

  3. tykkään tästä Delish rannekorusta.

  4. Me ollaan remppaamassa ja muuttamassa kesällä ja meille tulee toi ken kiuruista kaunein tapetti vaaleanpunaisena makuhuoneeseen 🙂

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